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Signs & Symptoms Of Social Media Addiction

Signs & Symptoms Of Social Media Addiction

Social media is a new epidemic which is spreading very fast all over the world, and has infected millions, and so far no one knows its exact origin and cause of this outbreak. This article is issued in public interest, by Digital Vidya to create general awareness.

Signs & Symptoms of Social Media Addict:
  • Presence on all Social Networks

On conducting google search of your name, it appears on all social networks and also you are also very active on these social networks.

  • Increased time span on internet

You can spend more than seven hours on social networks, without feeling tired, you have stopped watching TV and no longer you feel the need to go for movies.

  • Virtual Social Bee

You are a social bee in virtual life, you have many friends on social media and are always busy checking their updates and sharing yours too, though in real life you might be an introvert.

  • My own space

You have a page or own a blog with your name.

  • Inevitable tendency

Checking updates on facebook and twitter has become inevitable part of your life, your day begins and ends checking the same, no matter what happens.

Some serious addiction patients have even received warnings from their bosses and respective families too, yet no improvement, they just can’t stay away from social media.

  • You have become loner

These so called social networking sites have made you a loner, isn’t this statement a contradiction but strangely, this is a truth. Social Media addicts love to spend more time in their virtual societies rather than in real life, these people have generally complaining wives , girlfriends and family regarding their obsession.

  • Had a recent breakup or divorce

If you have recently broke up with your girlfriend or had divorce, on grounds of negligent behavior, then this is the confirmation of Addiction, as per a recent survey facebook and twitter are reasons for 60-65% of breakups and divorces. So watch out afterall your relationship is at stake.

  • Faked for illness

If you have started faking up for illness at office to catch up a tweet-up or at home to avoid your best friend’s wedding, then darling you are seriously a victim of this addiction.

  • Midnight wake up

Do you often wake up at midnight and switch on your laptop or start browsing your phone for checking status updates and your twitter mentions, then you are a Social media addict.

  • Feel depressed in absence of internet

Have you recently felt depressed on days of disturbed internet connection or you no longer enjoy vacations because of absence of internet, and if at all you get access to internet during vacations you get busy in updating status or tweeting rather than actually having fun, this is surely a sign of addiction.

If you are suffering from any of above mentioned symptoms, then don’t panic, just get in touch with our team at Digital Vidya to give this addiction a new direction- probably a career or a new marketing strategy.

p.s. This article is for general awareness and author does not want to hurt feelings of anyone especially Social Media Evangelists, who live Social Media day in and out 😉

Kapil Nakra is a first generation Serial Entrepreneur. Kapil has co-founded 3 companies in the last 17 years. In his recent engagement, it takes care of Product and Delivery at Digital Vidya, the company he started in 2009. Digital Vidya is a leading Digital Marketing and Data Analytics Training Company. As a pioneer of Digital Marketing in India, Kapil has grown along with the Internet Industry as a User, a Service Provider and now as an Educator.

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