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Simple Steps To Create Your First Mailchimp Campaign

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First MailChimp Campaign

One of the most powerful ways for a business of any size to generate recurring revenues and increase cash flow is Email Marketing.

With so many email marketing services out there, it could be confusing and overwhelming for a newbie marketer or a start-up company  in deciding which one will best fit its business model.

Personally, I have used Aweber and Mailchimp for my email marketing campaign both having its own unique advantages and drawbacks.

 MailChimp is used by more than 7 million people to create, send, and track email mailchimp campaigns. You could be self-employed, you could be managing projects for clients, or you work for a big corporation like a Honda or Citibank, MailChimp has the features and technologies that will suit your email marketing needs.

Create signup forms that match your brand’s look and feel. Send your subscribers and email list product updates, promotions, event invitations, announcements. You could use reports to improve your campaigns and learn more about your readers.

The best part of all as already mentioned is that you could do all this for free up to 2,000 subscribers.

Get Started with Mailchimp

I wanted to put this video before you create your first mailchimp campaign as it will give you an idea of what mailchimp is really all about and how you could leverage it for your business and marketing campaigns.

As promised earlier, let me share some of the advantages of mailchimp over its competitors.

#1. Its Free

If you are just starting with email marketing, you could choose the Free Package as it allows you to send 12000 emails per month and also save up-to 2000 subscribers in your leads database.  Apart from the free package, there are also other plans that you could eventually upgrade as your business expands.

#2. Easy to Use

This is the best part. It has a ridiculously easy to use interface that makes complicated things look so simple and fun to use at the same time. As a marketer, we want to automate our work as much as possible and mailchimp’s interface helps us achieve that.  You could check out the complete list of all the features about Mailchimp on their site.

#3. Facebook Tie-up

You could now import your entire lists of email addresses directly into your Facebook Power Editor Account. This will help you to re target your ads and promote your business to the people who already are connected to you and know about you which in turn increases the chances to make more money.

To do that, you could log in to your Facebook Account and head over to Facebook Power Editor and click Download to Power Editor. This will download all your associated Pages information on your Power Editor Account. Next, you need to click on Audiences-> Create Audience-> Custom Audience-> Customer List-> Import from Mailchimp

facebook integration

You can now place ads in front of the people who are already on your list right from Facebook.

Creating Mailchimp Campaigns in 3 steps

Now that we know how awesome mailchimp can be for us, lets learn the 3 steps to create out first mailchimp campaign right away.

1. Create an Account with Mailchimp.

Click here to create an account with Mailchimp. Once you are on the website, you need to click Sign Up for Free or if you already have an existing Mailchimp account, you could click on Log In. Once you do that you could Enter your Email Address, Username, Password and that’s it, you now have a Mailchimp Account.

2. Existing / New List For Emails.

You should now be looking at your Dashboard. Before you create a mailchimp campaign, you need to have a list with atleast 1 subscriber to whom you could send your emails to.

If you already have an existing list ready with you to import into your mailchimp account, you need to first import your existing list. Once you set up your account, you are all set and ready to roll out your first mailchimp campaign.

3. Your first Mailchimp Campaign

In Mailchimp we are going to create a mailchimp campaign using the Campaign Builder. Just follow this video and create your first mailchimp campaign.

If you follow the step by step instructions explained on that video itself by the mailchimp support team, you will easily be able to create your campaign without much difficulties. Its a very simple process for anyone to follow and one does not need to be a tech savvy to do this. I set up my first campaign thanks during my email marketing course that I signed up with Digital Vidya and below are the results.

email marketing results

Also while running a mailchimp campaign or any email marketing campaign for that matter, its very important that you know the rules of the game. You don’t want to spam your lists inbox with your emails every now and then with your offers and product launches. I would love to see your results as well on the comments box down below so do post them along with any questions if you have any.

Quick Notes on Mailchimp Templates

In email marketing usually people talk about layouts, designs, campaigns, messages, code, and templates.

A template is a preset layout that you build your mailchimp campaign on. You could choose the template you want to use on the Template step of the Campaign Builder before moving to the Design step to add content to your campaign. There are many template options available under MailChimp. And that’s not it, you could also create your own template to match your brand.


  • Email Marketing is meant to be simple just like anything else however most marketers somehow manage to over complicate it.
  • Mailchimp is one of the best email marketing platform out there for your business that you could and should get started right away.
  • Keep the rules in mind, Create Templates and send beautiful emails that your subscribers love.
  • Mailchimp is Integrated with Facebook and you could directly import your list and also install forms directly on your Facebook Page.
  • If you are looking to learn advanced email marketing strategies to get an edge over your competition, consider joining the Email Marketing course as its definitely a smart investment for your business and marketing.
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