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Simple Steps To Create A Successful Google Adwords Campaign

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Why Google Adwords Campaign

With 70% viewership, Google is clearly the market leader in the Online Marketing space today.

Google Adwords Campaign would clearly mean setting up an advertising campaign on Google and paying Google for each click on these ads ( pay per click ).

The main objective of any online company for these Campaigns would hence be:

  • Reaching the right target audience.
  • Minimum costs of advertising and hence, minimum cost per click rate.
  • Maximum conversions.
  • Increased return on investment ( ROI).
  • Successful monitoring and controlling of the campaign.

Steps To The Campaign:

  • Create a campaign name, such that it is easy for you to locate the campaign when you login again, to identify your campaign. (This is not visible to the public).
  • For the ‘Search network‘ row, select Standard. As a beginner do not include ‘search partners’ as this would get complicated. Once you have set all the campaign settings and are more experienced in executing a campaign, you could include ‘search partners’.
  • For the ‘devices, select ‘desktops’ and ‘tablets’ as a beginner. Once experienced you could include ‘mobiles’.
  • For ‘Locations’, you should ideally select your city first. Once you experience the response on your keywords etc., you could try a bigger location. This is to say, start small in the beginning and then rectify your mistakes, to reach a global market.
  • For ‘Default Bid’ you could set a low bid depending on your overall daily budget. This is the amount that Google will charge per click on the ad. It could be as low as Rs 10.
  • For ‘Budgeting Purpose’, divide the total monthly budget of the company for the month by 30 days, to get the total budget for the day, which Google can use depending on the clicks. Thus, if your budget is Rs 100 per day, you will be able to get 10 clicks per day.
  • Ignore the next row of’ Ad extensionsas a beginner.
  • You will next have to ‘Create Ad’ by filling the words you want to put in the ad along with display URL and destination URL.
  • ‘Keywords’ is the next row and you have to select a range of effective keywords for an effective campaign.
  • ‘Account Set Up’ will have to be filled with your billing address, such that Google bills you after the campaign, as per your CPC and budget. In case you don’t fill your address, Google would bill you before the campaign.
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