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Simplify Your Social Media Marketing Through Instagram

Simplify Your Social Media Marketing Through Instagram

Usage of Images on social media platform is very unique concept now days. Images create a great impression on your viewers and have a better engagement rate. Altogether the social media channels like Facebook, Google plus Twitter allows users to post an image content. On the other hand there are also some other popular social media sites which  is specifically for sharing the image content like  Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram. Believe it or not images are a fun way to interact with your audiences. But what about the Social media network Instagram which only allows you to upload and share photos and videos and nothing else unlike other social media sites  which have their in build tools to track the engagement metrics. How will you track the progress of your images? But now the good news is that you can simplify your social media marketing through Instagram with the help of free service provided by Iconosquare.

If you have few no. of fans than it is easy to track of the comments and likes but  it becomes very difficult to measure and analysis to track the photos which you have uploaded in the scenario where you are posting large no of photos and you have large no. of fan following  than in that case you require tool to analyze its engagement and success rate. Iconosquare is one kind of tool through which you are able to ease out all these hurdles. Iconosquare connects to your Instagram account and provides you with all the kinds of metrics you require to measure. It is very important to acknowledge your followers from the comments received by them to increase the engagement rate It also helps you to improve your engagement with your audience by providing the details of your fan and followers. Hence, this tool can be of great help.  Let us see how Iconosquare service can help you.


Iconosquare helps you in a very easy way out to view a statistics of your every image on Instagram. You can have a statistical view with the in depth analysis that too for free. Iconosquare provides 6 different statistics to measure for your images. They are as follows:


This section provides you with the overview of simple metrics like “Love Rate”, “Talk Rate” and “Spread Rate” for the last 7 days. It gives you an instant snap shot of your photo’s engagement for an average of 15 days which you have uploaded in Instagram. From this data you will also come to know which one of your image is working best, which is liked by most of the people among all the photos.

Statiscal tool

Interacting and commenting on iconosquare

Interacting and commenting using Iconosquare

Rolling Monthly Analysis:

As we have seen of overview section it is only limited to show you the stats for only 7 days, but rolling monthly analysis section allows you to view the stats for the last month. This section provides you with the more specific information like which photos uploaded were most popular, you can also than further drill down for your most engaged followers. This metrics also allows you to identify your potential customers.

rolling month analysis


In this section you will get the stats regarding your own behavior with the Instagram like the time at which you are posting your images.



The above sections which we have seen, that only provide you the statistics with the short term information. But the engagement statistics gives you the lifetime overview. It allows you to quickly refer to your most liked and commented photo’s.



This section compares the stats of the most used tags on your photos and along with which is the most popular all over your Instagram platform. It also allows you to view the most important information which is required to you that is regarding your specific community which is most active. Using this info you can plan out the right time to target your audience with uploading your new photos and thus it increases the chance of increase in engagement rate.



This is the last statistical tool available in Iconosquare. This section will show you the metrics of all your important followers.  It also shows you the data of who has unfollowed you in the last 7 days. This is the right time where you can optimize your content to grow your community. You can use community statistics as an indicator for the type of images your audiences don’t want to follow.



Other benefits which you can use through using Iconosquare service is that you can share your image across all your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus. This helps you to share the same content on all your social media sites on which you are active and you can post an interactive content to your audience this will wipe out your need to create the same content again and again and thus saving on your time.

You can also easily check on the like, share, comments on your photo image posts.

For those who want to do a serious marketing on Instagram. Iconosquare is a great tool which will help you to fill out a lot of gaps and helps to guide to the right path to plan for a proper marketing strategy. You get an array of valuable information by using Iconosquare service and that too at no cost. Using Iconosquare will help you to monitor how well your photos are performing on Instagram.

Remember that Iconosquare does not have a news tab option which can provide you the information like your latest likes, comments and Iconosquare is the substitute for it. While using Iconosquare you cannot upload photos, you can only upload it through using Instagram. Hence both works in parallel. So now you know how great use is this tool of you can make great use of it which will definitely benefit you for your marketing strategy.

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