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Simplifying Google Display Network In A Nutshell

Simplifying Google Display Network In A Nutshell

Google Display Network is a network of approximately 2 million websites across the internet where you can use Google Adwords advertising. It reaches out to 90% of the world’s internet users and displays your ad billions of times for a minimal or absolutely no cost.

The Display Network removes the limitations of the Search Network advertising and also makes marketing approach versatile. You can use a variety of ads types to choose from like image and video ads. With the Display Network, Google provides interesting ways to reaching your audience, beyond the people who are simply searching for products and services.

Why Google Display Network?

Google takes into account various considerations while helping you create your advertising campaigns:

  • It makes it possible to show your ad to just the people you want. Suppose you wish to display image ads showcasing your food products to people who are located in Sydney, who love food, read food and recipe blogs, restaurant owners and cafeteria owners.
  • You may also want to target a specific age bracket and gender.
  • You may want these people to visit your website and once they do, you would want to reach out to them again with your ad even if they did not fill contact details.
  • You may also be having a product that is related to other products about which people read. In this case you would like to display ads on related pages instead of directly advertising on specific pages.
  • You may want your ads to show on specific websites.

All this and much more is possible within your Google Adwords. Creating such widely reachable ad campaigns could not be simpler. And the biggest benefit is that Google helps and assists you do all this!

Advantages Of Running Targeted Display Campaigns:

  • Curbing Irrelevant Traffic: Targeted campaigns help you prevent irrelevant advertising. It is important to curb traffic as extra traffic will only be a source of chaos where people would not really buy your products or sign up on your website. Instead, you could have a hard time monitoring all the data.
  • Getting Potential Customers: Targeting further helps you reach the right people who are good for your business, likely to sign up or buy your products. Thus, it helps you acquire customers.
  • Reduce Marketing Costs: There would absolutely be no point advertising to people who visit your website without the slightest interest in your products and website. Since every click could cost you money, your budget will be wasted. With highly targeted campaigns Google helps you utilize your budget on quality advertising.

Whether it is building a brand, marketing products, creating awareness, getting signups for your website or any specific goal, reaching out to your target audience makes your business grow and thrive at the same time, saving you precious time and resources.

Audience Reach:

The Google Display Network helps you define your target audiences in a way that makes it simpler to achieve your marketing objectives. You can target your campaigns focusing on:

  • Affinity Audiences: You can display your ads to people having specific interests like reading, fitness, food, entertainment and various others. Suppose, if you sell sports shoes you may want to advertise on people following fitness blogs and websites.
  • In-market Audiences: You can also reach out to people who are using or looking for similar products such as yours, to create business awareness or acquire sales. You can target people who buy other brands of sports shoes.
  • Demographics: You can target based on demographics. You can choose the age groups and gender of the audience you want to display your ads to. For women’s sports shoes, you may want to exclude men from your ad campaigns.
  • Topic or Contextual Targeting: Topic or contextual targeting helps you reach thousands of websites at once that are similar in context to your website. For sports shoes for women, you may want to display ads on websites that are related to sportswear for women, shoes for women and more.
  • Remarketing: Remarketing is an efficient and cost-effective way of reinforcing your ads on people who visit your website. You can display your ads to them repetitively for a desired period of time.
  • Placement: You can advertise on specific websites across the Google Display Network that you think will bring profits to your business.

The idea behind this blog post is to illustrate how Google Adwords makes it extremely easy to do this big advertising task within an hour (or a couple, including ad creation time). So, if you’ve been thinking of creating a Display Network Campaign, it’s time to create one now.

Getting To Work:

Within a few minutes you can create a campaign that targets your product to millions of audiences based on their interests and demographics.

In this example of a campaign for a mobile app, by choosing the Marketing Objectives option, it becomes easier to optimize your campaigns according to our business goals with the help of Google.

Google Display Network - Selecting Campaign Settings

Google Display Network – Selecting Campaign Settings

Next you can choose the mobile app, select Google Play or Apple App Store or mention your app name and hit ‘Look Up’. Next, you can select the devices based on operating system and other criteria to target people who do not use your app.

Selecting Mobile App

Selecting Mobile App

Next, you can choose the devices you want to target your campaign on.

Google Display Network - App Devices Selection

Google Display Network – App Devices Selection

Next you can choose the locations and languages you wish to target. To select locations where you want your audiences to belong to, select from the options available while creating the campaign and selecting target locations. You can also include or exclude locations and display your ads to people who are interested in your target locations.

Google Display Network - Selecting Location with Advanced Options

Google Display Network – Selecting Location with Advanced Options

Next, you can choose the campaign bid strategy and the campaign budget.

Bid Strategy: Since it is a campaign for mobile app installation, the bid strategy options do not include vCPM as the focus of the campaign is app installs. You can opt for a CPC bid strategy or others such as Target Search Page Location, Target Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) or Maximising Clicks. Adwords recommends that you use Target CPA in this case. This also prevents budget wastage on clicks that do not result in installs.

Google Display Network - Bid Stragegy and Delivery Methods

Google Display Network – Bid Stragegy and Delivery Methods

Standard delivery will ensure that your ads are displayed evenly over the time chosen. This option is recommended as it ensures that you don’t run out of your daily budget. Choosing accelerated delivery, ads may not be spread evenly to display all throughout the time chosen but more frequently and your budget can run out early.

You can also choose a schedule and mention the hours on particular days you want your ads to be displayed. You can also select the duration you want the campaign to run, like a single day, a week or more.

Google Display Network - Scheduling and Ad Delivery

Google Display Network – Scheduling and Ad Delivery

You can also choose advanced delivery options and decide the maximum number of impressions in a definite time. You can also let Google do the task by selecting ‘No cap on impressions’. In case you choose this option with the accelerated delivery, chances are that your budget will run out very quickly.

You can also mention your campaign URLs.

Reaching Out To Audiences On The Display Network:

While creating an Ad Group, you can choose from the magnanimous network of Google, the audiences you wish to target. Enter the ad group name and keywords. Select from one of the Display targeting options.

Google Display Network - Interests and Remarketing

Google Display Network – Interests and Remarketing

Selecting only two categories of ‘News and Magazines’ and ‘Entertainment’ (Interests and remarketing; and Placements) within the demographic bracket of age 35+, only for Android users for the app, it is possible to reach 100-150 thousand mobile devices and get 1 million – 5 million impressions for your app.

Google Display Network - Interests and Remarketing Narrowed Targeting

Google Display Network – Interests and Remarketing Narrowed Targeting

 Google Display Network - Interests and Remarketing Including Placements and Demographics

Google Display Network – Interests and Remarketing Including Placements and Demographics

Creating Ads: The next step of creating ads is simple. You can choose from the various ad formats available (app install ad, Image app install ad and video app install ad). You can create the app install ad just like you create text ads, mentioning a headline, description line 1 and 2, relevant URLs. To create a video ad, you have to use the video and for an image install ad simply use the image.

In the last step, you can track conversions using Conversion Tracking. You can track the conversions i.e. app installations from the ‘Conversions’ in the Tools section of Adwords.

Image Credits: Image credits: Google Adwords

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