Skura Leveraged Inbound Marketing To Attract 190% More Web Traffic

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downloadAbout Skura:

Skura is a sales enablement company, which improves and maximizes sales effectiveness during customer facing interactions. Founded in 1996, Skura grown into an international company with customers connected round the globe. Headquartered in Oakville, Ontario it has offices in US and Europe and quickly grown into the world’s largest solution company. It is the ultimate mobile resource center that puts all aspects for your sales and marketing team. The Skura SFX is the first to offer adaptive sales enablement, providing visibility and insight throughout the entire sales process. The Skura SFX platform offers next generation predictive analysis, ensuring the right messages reaches to the right person at right time.

Business Objectives Of Skura:

Skura corporation was found with a single mission “to continually solve problems for people with whom they share mutual respect and trust”. By doing this they became the world’s largest solution company. Following are their objectives which they had into their mind:

  • They wanted to identify who was visiting their website.
  • To increase speed into market and react immediately to the changing customer trends.
  • Generate more leads for sale.

Strategies/Approaches Adopted By Skura:

The marketing team of Skura was piecing together a variety of tools. This led them to spend a lot of time organizing data in excel to fully understand their effectiveness on sales. They had also discovered inefficiencies within each of the tools, so they made the following strategies to overcome their issues:

  • The first step towards their goal was to develop buyer persona around their target audience.
  • They used SEO tools to determine, which are the keywords searched the most online.
  • The next thing which they did was, they mapped out the content on their website, which could be appealing to their personas and developed offers using Calls To Action and landing pages.
  • They also used Smart Lists to segment their leads according to industry, which allowed them to send more personalized emails.

Results Achieved By Skura:

Inbound marketing allowed them to save 1.5 to 2 days per week with improved quality and productivity. Rather than spending time on implementing and creating, they started executing and deploying. Their sales team now focuses on inbound leads and insight into a potential customer level of interest based on their engagement line. Following are the results in numbers achieved by them:

  • Company’s conversion rate from email increased by 30%.
  • Their organic traffic increased by 190% in first 6 months.
  • Email leads increased by a multiple of 2.8 times more.

L earnings:

With the case study of Skura following are the learning’s came out:

  • To stay in the market for longer duration, your company and you also must follow the trends of customer’s buying pattern.
  • Customer segmentation is another great tool to look after your customers, here you will be able to know which area needs extra effort and which doesn’t.
  • Relevant keywords always brings new clients for you.
  • A good and appealing content is the key of success in every inbound marketing.


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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    Good post by Rahul. Only there are few editing errors found:’which they had into their mind’, ‘piecing together’ and ‘which are the keywords searched the most online’. Also I want to ask you one question. How does a key work (for search engine) bring new clients? It may help you to draw more visitors to your site. Whether those visitors are going to be our clients? It further depends on so many factors.

  2. himanshusharma

    nice blog post.
    i motivated a lot by this blog. you had a good objective in your mine before starting your business. i like your working.

  3. Rahul Singh

    Thank you Indrajit for reading. The answer to your question is, a key plays an important role in bringing an audience to your website. Once the visitor arrives he/she my find the website and contents relevant to them, either by their queries answered or by an attractive contents of by your attractive website. With this they get confidence in your organization and thus they can become your customer or client.

  4. Rahul Singh

    Thank you HImanshu and its true, you need to have a good objective in your mind.

  5. Ummer

    Rahul, I liked this blog and the ideas shared here about inbound marketing. You have covered many points related to inbound marketing in simple way. Overall a well presented article and worth reading it!


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