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Small Businesses Tap Audience With SEO Within 10 Minutes

Small Businesses Tap Audience With SEO Within 10 Minutes

The attribute to the growing number of small business and start-ups in last 4 yrs. can be given to the advancement in the Digital World. As, there are so many examples of recent start-ups or small businesses tap audience with SEO to meet success in a short time. The world inside internet, is becoming interesting day by day. The way they links together as the huge web of international networks, depends on how well they are reachable by the people surfing over the internet. This can mostly be possible either by growing there popularity or by optimizing there website in accordance to the guidelines of various search engine over the world so that they came up at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). Way to build the authority over the internet for a small business can be very challenging unless someone creates some kind of viral marketing technique which is very rare. Increasing popularity also becomes really challenging as none would have heard their name before and it will all be from scratch. So best option a small business or a start-up has got is to make use of inbound marketing. And to do that, they will need the help of an SEO expert.

Basics for Small Businesses Tap Audience with SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of optimizing your website in terms of different search algorithm of search engine, in order to rank higher at SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). The SEO basics for small business tap audience will act as a guide book for you to rise up in SERP. This guide will help you to walk through the challenges of the digital world at minimum cost.

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#1 Decide URL

The first thing that a crawler looks in a webpage is there URL. The URL must have to be in proper format and in a way by which one can actually read it. Static URLs are always preferred over a dynamic URL as that can be easily understandable by the browser. Most important thing is to take care of the canonical issue. You must make sure that you are using any of the URL i.e. with or without “www” in it, i.e. either “” or “”. So, in that case you have to permanently redirect the website to any one from the one whom you will use by using 301 redirect. If you use both crawlers will take it as a copies content and Google Panda algorithm might attack you for this.

#2 Put Email Forwarding in Webmaster Tool

Webmaster is an amazing tool to check out the analytics report of your webpages. It is especially helpful for checking the performance of the website in terms of the keywords that you are using. They have a unique feature to look into any problem faced by the crawlers in indexing your webpages. So, in order to stay updated, set on your email forwarding services to keep a track of the crawler errors

#3 Domain Background Check

If you are using SEO practices and still trying to figure out why it is not working. You might trying looking at the background of your domain. This you can find in the Look into the history of registrants for your domain. If your domain was previously penalized by Google than its less likely the your domain for some illegal activities, it will be difficult for you to get to the top of SERP

#4 Make use of Fetch as Google Bot Feature

The Webmaster tool has an amazing feature. The feature is “Fetch as Google Bot Feature”. This feature is so cool in perspective of SEO practices, that you will know it when you use it. The “Fetch as Google Bot” feature helps you to look into your website the way Google Crawler looks into it. So, by looking at it in this way, you will be able to take appropriate reforms for your webpages.

#5 Include Tracking Code

After the release of Google’s latest updates in their searching Algorithm. It no more allows user to check the website analysis straight way by Google Analytics report. It was done to discourage the repeated use of keywords and sort out the low quality contents. So, now if you want to sign up in Google Analytics account you will have to add a simple tracking code written in html format into your website. By this, you will ensure accurate analytics report.

#6 Site Design Strategy

The site must be designed by making it feasible enough for all type of users to surf though it. As we know that people accessing internet through mobile platform is rising day by day, you must make sure that your website is stable in all devices. The next important thing is the loading speed of your webpages. Try to compress the css, php and images in such a way that the website takes less time in loading. The maximum time for loading is 2sec for Google.

#7 Conversion Optimization

When someone visits your website, you must make sure that you fix a proper customer journey. Your visitor must not get lost inside or content and move out of it. The main aim of the website is to get some conversions. So, make sure that you put appropriate ‘Call to Action’ button in every webpage.

#8 Question & Answer and Reviews

As you are a small business currently, you will have to gain trust of your visitors. Best way to do this is to show them proof of your work. Make it as reliable as possible for the visitors to learn you better and accept your offerings. Trying putting some possible answers of the frequently asked questions about your business. Reviews of your previous work and testimonials are really helpful.

#9 Importance of Title, Description, Heading and Alt Tags

Make sure that you have handled this most important On-site optimization elements. After URL, the next thing that a crawler uses for searching is Title, Description, Heading and Alt tags. Make sure that all this tags are keyword rich and is according to the content in that webpage. This ensure a better ranking in SERP.

#10 Use Sitemaps

Crawler finds it easier when they can get all the links of your website in one particular place. This can be done by using a sitemap. The html sitemap helps your visitors to scan through the contents of your website and sitemap.xml helps crawler to flow through the website smoothly.


Even though you are a small business or a large one, it doesn’t matter if you are making use of SEO practices correctly. The video below by Maile Ohye – Developer Programs Tech Lead of Google can give you more insight about how this basics can help small businesses tap audience with SEO . Take a good look at it.

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