5 Tips to make Rewarding Snapchat Careers via Snapchat Ad Manager

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Snapchat is one of most popular and fun-full Social Media Platforms of today’s time. It lets users enjoy more than 10 billion video views on the app per day. Knowing how to use it to share entertaining photos and videos with your audiences by using Snapchat Ad Manager will ensure great Snapchat Careers for you.

Snapchat Ad Manager is Snapchat’s new self-serve ads tool that helps you create awesome-looking, convincing and engaging vertical videos. Before going in details of how to create Snapchat Ads via Snapchat Ad Manager for Snapchat Careers, it is important to know what Snap Ads are-

Snapchat Careers

Snap Ad Example

Snap Ads are actually 3-10 second full-screen vertical video ads and such ads appear in between different snapchat curated content and friends’ stories e.g. Snapchat’s stories or publishers’ stories, etc. Snapchat Ads are created in Snapchat Ad Manager and being familiar with this is must for making snapchat careers. You can find key sections of Snapchat Ad Manager on the left side of the screen that includes-

  1. Dashboard helps you create, view, and manage your Snap Ads. This also lets you see the metrics of your ads
  2. Creative Library allows you view, edit, and create Snap ad creatives
  3. Custom Audiences allow you create and manage lists of Snapchatters
  4. Help Center provides you guides on how to do various things in the Ad

Once you are well aware of the dashboard the real fun part begins i.e. creating an effective Snap Ad with Snapchat Ad Manager. For creating your campaign, you need to log into Snapchat Ad Manager and there you will see a pop-up that will prompt you to create a campaign. To get started you may also click on “+New Campaign”. Now you need to follow below given 5 steps-

5 Steps to Create Snapchat Ads Essential for Snapchat Careers

1. Choose an objective for your campaign

Snapchat Careers

Choose an objective for your Snap Ad campaign

Rewarding Snapchat Careers are directly proportional to the performance of your Snap Ads and that is why you need to be very clear about what you want your Snapchat-Users or Snapchatters to do when they see a Snap ad created by you. This means being clear about the objective of your Snap Ads is must for creating powerful Snap Ads that ultimately decide your Snapchat Careers. For choosing your Snap Ad objective, you have 4 options-

  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Drive install of your app
  • Grow awareness
  • Drive video views

Once you decide this, you need to set a schedule for your Snap Ad campaign.  Here, you should name your ad campaign and for this, below given naming convention would be best fit for you-

(Objective) – (Schedule) – (Team member’s name).

After doing this, just click on “Next”, as this will guide you towards creating your ad set.

2. Configure your Ad Set by setting its Audience, Budget, and Schedule

Knowing objective of your Snap Ad Campaign was the first step of making rewarding Snapchat Careers and after doing that, you need to configure your Ad Set. First, you should name your Ad Set as per your naming convention. Naming of your Ad Set can be- (Audience details) – (Budget) – (Goal) – (Schedule). Now, delve into three main sections that you need to fill up for your ad set Audience, Budget & Goals, and Schedule.

1. Audience

Snapchat Careers

Configure your Snap Ad

This section includes five main parts that let you be particular about the kind of audience you want for your Snap Ads-

  • Geography
  • Demographics
  • Audiences
  • Placements
  • Devices

For making a successful Snapchat Careers, you need to set your Ads for more specific target audience, as this will help you achieve better results. You should also know that Snapchat does not allow your Ad Sets to reach less than 1,000 people and below given tips will help you understand some Snapchat Targeting practices important for Snapchat Careers-

  • Keeping audience size less than 20 million people for the same creative and creating Ad Sets for each of unique group of your target audiences
  • You should test your Snap Ads for Lookalike Audience, as this will help you find new customers
  • You should also try to use multiple ads per ad set, as this will guide you understand how different types of Ads perform with the same audiences

2. Budget and Goals

Snapchat Careers

Budget and Goals in Sanp Ad

This section will help you configure your daily budget, bid amount and goal. Minimum amount for your Snap Ad Daily budget should be $100 and for any order with the lower budget, you would not be able to click “Next”.

  • Snap Ads delivery is optimized for the goal and the bid amount you selected
  • For your Snap Ad, pricing would be based on the number of times your ad is served
  • It is advisable to set the bid amount to how much each goal action (such as app install) is worth to you
  • In case you are not getting the results as per your requirements, you can increase your bid as well

3. Schedule

Snapchat Careers

Schedule your Snap Ad

  • This section lets you set the schedule for your ad set that is different from the ad campaign’s schedule
  • In one Ad Campaign, you can run multiple ad sets and that is why ad sets will have a shorter schedule than their Snap Ad campaign
  • Now click on ‘Next’.

3. Create your Ad by choosing an Ad Type and Upload a Creative

Your competence and comfort in creating a Snap Ad decide the future of your Snapchat Careers and to create your Ad, you need to first select your ad type and then you need to fill in the basic information like the creative name, etc. Then you need to select the ad type you want. Four types of available Snap Ad Types are-

  • Top Snap only
  • Web view
  • App install
  • Long-form video

After deciding the Ad Types, you can create or upload your Snap Ad content.

Snapchat Careers

Create your Snap Ad

Four details that you need to complete before creating or uploading your Snap Ad Content are-

  • Brand name (Maximum of 25 characters)
  • Headline (Maximum of 34 characters)
  • Call to action

If you have already created a “Media File” that is the vertical video you want to use for your Snap Ad, you can simply click “Upload” to use it as your Ad, but in case, you are not aware about how to create vertical videos, you can create it via Snapchat. By clicking on “Create”, you can use Snap Publisher, which is a Snapchat’s online video editing app that will help you create vertical videos.

To get more tips on how you can use Snapchat Ad Manager to create Snapchat Ads that can ensure better Snapchat Careers for you, check out Snapchat’s Help Center. Final step of Ad Creation is uploading or filling up your attachment such as app page, website, or video that you want your target audiences to swipe up.

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Run your Snapchat Ad campaign

  • To run your Snapchat Ad Campaign, you need to Click “Launch Campaign”
  • Now your Snap Ad campaign is ready
  • Congratulations, you have set up your first Snap Ad Campaign

4. Monitor, Optimize, and go through the Report of your Snap Ads

Snapchat Careers

Monitor your Snap Ad

Once you have launched your Snap Ad Campaign, knowing how to monitor and optimize your Ad performance is must to ensure better Snapchat Careers. Dashboard of the Snapchat Ad Manager will help you do all this.

The dashboard of Snapchat Ads displays the ad metrics of overall and individual campaigns. You can edit a few details of your campaign or ad set. Things that you can edit in Snapchat Ad Campaign & Ad Set are-


  • Campaign name
  • Daily budget
  • Schedule
  • Status

Ad set-

  • Ad set name
  • Schedule
  • Daily budget
  • Bid amount

To see the Report of your ad results, you need to click the download button beside ‘Customize Columns’, as this will provide you a CSV file of the table you are viewing. You can also break down your results by month, week or day to see how your Snap Ads have performed over time.

5. Know the Role of Snapchat Mobile Dashboard and Snapchat Business Manager

Along with Snapchat Ad Manager, you should also be aware about the functioning of Snapchat Mobile Dashboard and Snapchat Business Manager, if you want to make rewarding Snapchat Careers. Let us delve into those as well-

Snapchat Mobile Dashboard-

Snapchat Careers

Snapchat Mobile Dashboard

  • With Snapchat Mobile Dashboard, you can manage Snap Ads on the go. This will help you see the performance of your ads within the Snapchat app
  • By swiping down in the camera mode, tapping on ‘Snap Ads’ and selecting your account you can access the Snapchat Mobile Dashboard

Snapchat Business Manager-

Snapchat Careers

Snapchat Business Manager

  • It helps you manage your ad accounts such as billing and access
  • It also helps you manage members such roles and permissions
  • One Snapchat Business Account has multiple ad accounts and each ad account has multiple members who further include different roles and permissions
  • By using Snapchat Business Manager, admins for the business account invite members and then assign roles to them

Final Words

Knowing how Snapchat Ad Manager works will help you crack the interviews and make fruitful Snapchat Careers.

Other tips that I would suggest you to make Snapchat Careers are-

  1. Follow the Snapchat profiles of the brands you want to work with and master the Snapchat Social Media Skills
  2. Be Creative
  3. To apply for Snapchat Careers try to create a Snap resume.
  4. Be aware of the Snapchat Tools
  5. Below given is the example of a Snapchat Resume

To master Snapchat Social Media Skills, you can join Social Media Marketing Course, as this will help you be a certified Social media Marketer.

That is all you need to know to make successful Snapchat Careers.

Are there any sections that you have any doubt about? Let me know in comments below.

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