15 Snapchat Tools to Automate Snapchat Advertising

by Garima Kakkar | Updated on: May 3, 2019 | 9 Min Read.

Gone were the days when Snapchat was used only as a social media platform. With its emerging popularity, it has become a famous advertising medium. This calls for use of Snapchat tools to get the most out of it.

More than 160 million individuals daily use Snapchat to view or send photographs, recordings, messages, videos and other kinds of brand stories.

Such usability makes Snapchat a standout amongst the most famous Social Media Channels particularly amongst the youngsters, college goers, and entrepreneurs. Having a great audience base lets Snapchat be a great advertising platform and by using Snapchat Tools, you can automate the Snapchat Advertising and successfully optimize the reach of your brand stories.

If you do anything at all on Snapchat different from your other social media channels, make the focus around storytelling. And if you want to take it one step further, allow others to tell that story for you.” – Carlos Gil

Snapchatters cherish Snapchat’s promptness and the amazing fun that it offers. Running successful Snapchat campaigns, sharing and commenting on different snaps are quite useful in lead generation and you can alleviate the whole process by using Snapchat tools.

Here is our rundown of the best Snapchat Tools to give a try, so, let us delve into those-

15 Best Snapchat Tools For Snapchat Advertisers

1. GhostCodes

Snapchat Tools


  • As one of the top Snapchat Tools, GhostCodes is Simple and it helps you find new individuals on Snapchat in the most fun-full way possible
  • Finding new people on Snapchat is one of the pain points of Snapchat and GhostCodes alleviates this task for you
  • If you really need to discover thought leaders to follow in a specific category then GhostCodes makes it simple to do that with its Category Discovery Feature
  • It works simply like the App Store and you can easily discover featured and top-ranked Snapchatters as per your interests and business requirements

2. Unofficial Snapchat Button

Snapchat Tools

Unofficial Snapchat Button

  • It lets you embed a button to your Snapchat account that helps in promoting your Snapchat Account
  • Unofficial Snapchat Button enables you to advance your Snapchat account on any site page in less than a minute
  • It is one of the best Snapchat Tools for bloggers and entrepreneurs as it allows your followers to easily find you, plus, it helps you target your supporters with right Snaps in the least demanding fashion
  • An unofficial Snapchat Button lets you create a Snapchat button for your site so individuals can follow you

3. Snapchatters

Snapchat Tools


  • In the event that you need to discover interesting individuals to follow on Snapchat then Snapchatters is the best fit option for you
  • Snapchatters helps you in finding new people via random discovery and this is something that differentiates it from GhostCodes. In Ghost Codes, you search people via Category Based Searching while in Snapchatter, you find individuals without applying any kind of fixed parameters
  • Snapchatter ‘Laurent Desserrey’ who surveys submitted profiles for at least one week before including them curates the list of followers for you
  • Once he completes his survey then he includes any individual who emerges from the group of followers

4. PepperFilters

Snapchat Tools


  • As one of the best Snapchat Tools, PepperFilters makes custom filters in minutes that are something that Snapchat Advertisers always cherish
  • PepperFilters helps you do area-based advertising or add a twist to your substance. By using Geofilters, you can advance your Snapchat Ad or post in a specific area for an occasion
  • PepperFilters also allows you to request your followers to participate in a contest by sharing photographs containing a custom Geofilter you made
  • PepperFilters offers a range of backgrounds and templates, text effects and graphics that help you create a unique Geofilter as per your specific requirements

5. Captiona

Snapchat Tools


  • It is one of the most useful Snapchat Tools that generate ideas for your social media captions
  • You can consider Captiona as a search engine for social media captions, and you can use it just by entering a keyword related to the content of your Snap
  • Once you enter the related keyword, Captiona app will generate a list of suggestions for you
  • It is advisable to use this tool for getting creative ideas and you should never copy exactly the same words as in the suggestions
  • By using the suggestions you should try to create something original

6. Yellow

Snapchat Tools


  • As a Snapchat tool, Yellow helps you find new friends on Snapchat
  • According to Yellow creator Anthony Tuil “It’s more about making new connections”
  • Yellow helps you target younger audiences in the most engaging way possible
  • If you wish to use Snapchat for connecting with new people then this one is the best fit for you

7. Snaplytics

Snapchat Tools


  • Snaplytics is one of the best Snapchat Tools that help you gauge the performance of your Snapchat Campaigns
  • As an analytics tool for Snapchat, Snaplytics helps you learn which of your Snapchat marketing efforts are offering notable results
  • Different features comprised by Snaplytics are brand analytics, competitor analysis along with publishing and managing stories on Snapchat
  • Snaplytics also aids you to compare multiple Snapchat accounts, channelize Snapchat campaigns, schedule stories ahead of time and find out actionable metrics and insights

8. Snapchat Story Explorer

Snapchat Tools

Snapchat Story Explorer

  • You can use Story Explorer for seeing the same moment from different perspectives, plus, it also helps you see more snaps of that moment from other Snapchatters
  • It lets you know what is happening around the world, in addition, you can also know the very same thing as per the vantage points of different individuals that help you analyze the core motive of your target audiences
  • With its Snapchat Story Explorer, Snapchat allows you to swap and see stories that are interrelated, interesting and widen your perspective about the world

9. Sponsored Lenses

Snapchat Tools

Sponsored Lenses

  • As one of the best Snapchat Tools, Sponsored Lenses helps you have some great creative ways to make an impression in front of your followers
  • Brands can create Lenses with Snapchat and ensure better recognition for their companies
  • Earlier it was being used by big brands but nowadays small and medium-sized businesses are also predominantly using Lenses for promoting their brand storing on Snapchat

10. Snapcode

Snapchat Tools


  • As a top-rated Snapchat tool, Snapcode is actually a Snapchat-styled QR code that creates a customized Snapcode for your brand on Snapchat
  • Android and iOS phones can open Snapchat by scanning a Snapcode with the app’s camera that alleviates the whole process of optimizing presence of Snapchat Stories on mobile phones
  • Snapcode lets you promote your brand, related Snap stories and content beyond a standard URL in the most fun-full and creative way possible

11. Geofilters

Snapchat Tools


  • Geofilters are special overlays that tell the “where and when” of a Snap in a fun way
  • You can use Geofilters whether you are sending a Snap to a friend or adding the same snap to your Story. This helps you run campaigns with the location-based filters to make them be more effective in particular locations
  • You can use your own customized geofence for Geofilters by picking a time
  • Once you submit your Geofilter it can be reviewed within one business day

12. SnapMemories

Snapchat Tools


  • SnapMemories helps you walk down in your memory lane and relive your Snapchat Stories and that is why it is known as time-hop for Snapchat Stories
  • It also provides an email recap each month about your brand stories in the most personalized way possible
  • SnapMemories never influence your privacy as it only captures your Snapchat Stories that are made fully public. This is quite useful in analyzing the ideas behind those Snapchat Campaigns that have been result-driven in the past
  • If you love Snapchat Nostalgia then this is one of the best Snapchat Tools for you

13. Snapvice

Snapchat Tools


  • To find out best Snapchat tips & tricks, Snapvice is one of the best places for you that offers the best Snapchat updates once a week
  • It is actually a weekly Snapchat newsletter that provides you with the scoop on new features, awesome influencers to follow on Snapchat and hidden tricks
  • You can also join Q&As with successful Snapchatters and clear your doubt
  • This is really going to be your first place to know interesting news and tips to better understand and use Snapchat

14. #AskGaryVee Episode 196: Snapchat

Snapchat Tools

#AskGaryVee Episode 196: Snapchat

  • Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the top Influencers on content creation and the future of Snapchat and it would be quite fruitful for Snapchatter to follow him to know how to promote your brand stories on Snapchat
  • By following Garry You can understand how to run the epic rants about your brand on Snapchat
  • Tips, tricks and practices suggested or utilized by Gary Vee would be quite helpful for you in advertising the reach of your brand stories and related snaps

15. Snapchat 101

Snapchat Tools

Snapchat 101

  • As a Snapchat Tool, this one clears all your doubts about the working of Snapchat
  • By using this, you can Who can see your snaps? Where can you find the filters? How can you get those cool special effects? How can you create your own Snap story, etc?

You are ready to Automate & Optimize your Snapchat Advertising Now!

Snapchat is one of the most awesome routes for individuals and brands to associate with their target audiences.

Previously mentioned Snapchat Tools will help you optimize your brand stories for the 160 million pairs of eyeballs on Snapchat to swivel towards you. Being well versed in tools for Snapchat marketing also helps in making Snapchat Careers.

In the event that you have inquiries concerning the best practices to use Snapchat Advertising to draw in more numbers of followers for your brand, Social Media Marketing Course would be the most befitting option for you.

What are the Snapchat Tools that you or your friends like to use- Update me in comments.

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