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Snapshot Of Digital India 2014 And Expectations In 2015

Snapshot Of Digital India 2014 And Expectations In 2015

Digital marketing has been influencing the communities to such an extent that the impact is ever-lasting. Moreover, since Digital Marketing has already taken the place of traditional marketing, it has become imperative for the digital marketers to keep themselves updated with the latest facts and statistical implications so as to sustain the stiff competition.

Ethinos which is an Indian based digital marketing company, provides customized online marketing and social media services. Ethinos has released a quarterly edition of the compilation of various statistics and facts related to digital India. The report provides a detailed flashback of 2014 in the online space and also predictions/expectations that would drive the digital world in 2015.

In such a situation, where everyone is leveraging digital marketing, it will be amazing to know about a few of the below mentioned stats about Digital Marketing:

Connectivity  Stats:
  • In India, there are as many as 957.61 telephone subscribers in India. There is an increase in the mobile user phones as many mobile phones are available in the sub $100 range.
  • All in all there are 2.1Bn websites and 3.01Bn internet users. The Indian internet base rate grew thrice as compared to the global rate.
Internet Stats:
  • With 287.14Mn internet subscribers, the internet penetration in India is 22%.
Mobile Stats:
  • The worldwide smartphone grew by 27.2% Y-o-Y.
  • With 72.5Mn mobile phone shipments, 82% Y-o-Y growth has been witnessed in smartphones.
  • Indians on an average spend 3 hours 18 minutes a day on their smartphones, which reflects 20% increase in 2 years.
  • 1/3rd of the time is spent on mobile apps.
  • 65% smartphone users prefer streaming over downloading.
  • 56% of the time an Indian smartphone user has access to a mobile broadband network.
  • 33 Million PC’s were shipped in Q3-2014, thus indicating 5.1% drop from Q3-2013.
  • Consumer Notebooks dominates the market with 35.6%.
Social Media Stats:
  • Total mobile Facebook user base in India is: +116Mn (total users), +102Mn (mobile users) and +72Mn (smartphone/tablet users). The number suggest a behavioural shift in the Indian user base from desktop to mobile.
  • 76% visit Twitter at least once a day.
  • 79% users use mobile to access Twitter.
Flashback 2014:
  • Total Ad Spending in 2014 were as follows:
  1. Total Media Ad Spends- Worldwide ($559Bn), India ($6.31Bn)
  2. Digital Ad Spends- Worldwide ($146Bn), India ($770Bn)
  3. Mobile Internet Ad Spending- Worldwide ($40.2Bn), India ($32.7Bn
Digital Marketing Trends in 2015:
  • Worldwide internet base will hit 3 billion.
  • Smartphone user base to reach 2 billion.
  • Mobile will take over and hence the importance of cross device tracking will emerge.
  • Marketing channels will be all the more connected (SEO, SEM, Social).
  • Digital Marketing campaigns will be more data driven and hyper targeted.

To know, you can have a look at the following presentation:

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    Aparna   /   Reply

    Excellent piece of information !! Staying abreast with the latest trends in the digital world is very important. The entire world has been revolutionized with the way internet is being used and how it is influencing our lives and businesses.

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