Sobieski Group Leveraged Inbound Marketing To Increase Its Revenue By 125%

by | Jun 3, 2014 | Case Studies, Inbound Marketing

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About Sobieski Services, Inc.:

The Sobieski Group is a 26-year-old family owned and family-run business that has grown to about 300 employees today. Sobieski Services, Inc. is a division of the Sobieski Group, which is offering many services like plumbing, heating & air conditioning solutions across PA, DE, MD and NJ. They presently have a well-recognized fleet of GPS routed system and service vehicles on the road about 24 hours a day. They usually handle huge projects involving state-of-the-art technologies for use in many of the mission-critical application. They even design and build some sophisticated mechanical systems for their area’s business and industrial people and they do have a prosperous residential services division, making people’s home more comfortable to live in.

Business Objectives of Sobieski Services, Inc.:

Sobieski Services, Inc.’s major goals were to understand better that how all of their online marketing hard work was working in tandem with one another to turn out actual profits and results. The three major challenges they faced were:

  • Lack of good and effective SEO
  • Uni-Dimensional Analytics
  • Nonflexible CMS which became a terrible Fit for Sobieski’s Business Model
  • Fragmented Marketing Tools

Approaches / Strategy Adopted By Sobieski Services, Inc.:

To overcome their challenges Sobieski has joined hands with Hubspot in order to increase their presence online by using inbound techniques. The strategies adopted by Sobieski are:

  • SEO Tools were Built-in to Sobieski’s Content Tools in their website. This attracted more people and made their rank better and better.
  • Used inbound techniques to Increase the ROI of Outbound Tactics
  • Used Landing pages to capture Leads through Inbound Marketing
  • Using Lead Intelligence to Enable Sales
  • Understanding Consumer Behaviors by presenting a eGuide in exchange for a viewer’s name and their email address, that visitor’s entire browsing history, as well as any potential interactions, are stored in Sobieski’s HubSpot Contacts Database
  • Using Lead Intelligence to Nurture Leads for Sales.
  • Measuring the ROI of their Individual Channels with the help of a special Integrated System.

Results Achieved By Sobieski Services, Inc.:

After adopting various inbound techniques, Sobieski has achieved some outstanding results in their sales and marketing which are:

  • Achieved a whopping 125% increase in their online revenue.
  • The number of closed online customers also increased by 204%
  • Achieved a 33% decrease in the PPC spent.


All though Sobieski has grown to a big company today, they realized that they were lacking themselves on the internet. Therefore, to solve this issue they joined hands with Hubspot, and by using several inbound techniques they have achieved good results. The increase in their online revenue is the best example on how effectively they used their inbound techniques. Further by promoting themselves by supplying a free eGuide to the people who give their contact details is seriously a very good idea in promoting themselves in a cheaper and cost effective way.

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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    Challenges can be cited in the ‘Strategy’ section, not in the ‘business objectives’ section. Hope other readers will agree with my observation.

  2. Mayank

    Hi Nikita, this is yet another good example of effective integration of SEO, SEM and Inbound marketing. A strategic combination of all three can really help to boost deliverables and attain the desired ROI.

  3. Nikhita Reddy

    Thanks mayank.


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