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Social Media Blunders That Aren’t Really a Big Deal

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While traditional media still exerts plenty of influence, there is a lot of excitement about social media. In spite of the huge investment that companies are making in employing huge teams, developing strategies and their execution, many of them make simple mistakes that hampers their media impact, leading to missed opportunities and bad publicity. Though some mistakes can be costing, there are some social media mistakes that are not really a big deal.

  • It is definitely a million dollar question – what are the best and the worst times to post on different social media networks? Optimal time to update your Facebook page or Pinterest boards depends on your audience. For Facebook, traffic is highest between 9 am to 4 pm ET. On LinkedIn, posting is recommended before or after business hours. Likewise, 5 pm ET is the best time to post on twitter to maximise the reach of your social media posts.

While posting updates, even if your timing goes off once in a while, it isn’t a very serious problem. You can always re-post it at a later date and time. Keep testing to find the time that is best for your business so that as many fans as possible can see your updates.

  •  It is okay to some extent if you post something that is not directly related to your brand. Sometimes it is done intentionally to spark up engagement. Posting a motivational quote or a comic once a week that may be unrelated to your brand but can help to show customers that you care about them.

But as they say, excess of everything is bad, off-topic posts should occur only on some special occasions and not every day.

  •  Negative feedback is never good for any business but can be tackled appropriately by taking the right action. If a post is absolutely irrelevant to your company, you have the power to delete it. But removing genuine customer complaints are not only against the values of social media but also sends across a wrong message that you don’t care about your customers.

You must immediately address the complaint and provide necessary help.

  • Images are an excellent tool to promote new products, sales and generate tons of traffic. Images that are less visually appealing also constitute great images as long as they stand out and provide some value to the audience.

Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. Being an ongoing learning experience, social media marketing requires you to stay active and engaged to grow your presence and build relationships.

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