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Social Media Came To Doordarshan Anchor Aayenah Pahuja’s Rescue

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Doordarshan anchor Aayenah Pahuja, has been into news for an unfortunate incident that happened with her at the IFFI Goa film festival. During the live broadcasting of the IFFI film festival, Aayenah committed a few mistakes for instance she addressed the Governor of Goa, Mridula Sinha as the Governor of India and failed to identify an actor from China. This mishappening clearly indicated lack of rehearsal from Doordarshan anchor’s end, which ultimately gave her the title of ‘dumb DD anchor who goofed up at IFFI, Goa’.

There were numerous video shares, disgraceful comments and likes on the video that went viral on the social media platform YouTube.

A platform- social media that made a mockery of Doordarshan anchor was the one that came to her rescue at last. She was brave enough to use the same platform to address the same set of people who made fun of her at the national level. She approached ‘The Logical Indian’ and confronted the masses by stating that even though there wasn’t any rehearsal, there were technical issues during the live coverage, still she did not backed out however, she stated that she could have backed out but did not as it would have been irresponsible.

She chose social media as the ideal platform to convey her side of the story by stating that whatever happened had happened and anybody could have been a victim of such an incident and requested not to post disgraceful comments and videos on such unfortunate incidents. Today it was her, tomorrow it could be anyone else. So, via The Logical Indian’s page, she sent out her message and there are plenty of supporters in her favour who were earlier on the other side of the incident, making mockery of her.

Interesting, isn’t it? How a social media marketing attempt went completely against her but later on helped her to seek the attention and fetch the support of those who were in her favour? What is your take on this?

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