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Social Media Censorship and All……..

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Dear Netizens,

Trust all of you are doing good and enjoying life, this letter might be my last point of contact with you, who knows Mr Kapil Sibal (our respected Minister of Communication & Information technology) may come up with a law of banning blogging who feels Screening of content should be done before posting on social media channels.

Censorship of Social Media in india? what the hell ?
This is a tremendous blow to World’s biggest democracy, it is like making mockery of our fundamental rights (Freedom of speech and expression). Social Media is a platform which has given power and voice to the common man and made him king, government has realised this power and is scared of it. Everyone remembers “ANNA- Anticorruption Campaign ” which got viral on Social media channels and consequently thousands thronged on streets to support the cause.

Social media which has become voice of people can’t be curbed or stopped abruptly. And another big question is how can you screen content on social media channels? I don’t think we have any fool proof technology which can screen all the web content and if at all such a  technology comes up, who is going to decide what is correct or what is wrong? Thanks to all of you netizens and anti Sibal rage on internet which has forced government to step back on this absurd censorship idea.

I really pity Chinese people, who have been denied freedom of using internet and social media, in a era where social media marketing is most potent tool for brands, all thanks to Great Firewall of China project. Sad news is that these brands can’t operate freely in countries like China where social media is censored and equal loss is borne by the Chinese people who are restricted to the hell. But they do use social media and can you believe they have made their own versions of social Media channels like- FACEBOOK- RENREN, TWITTER-WEIBO, YOUTUBE- YOKU and so on… I sincerely hope no such project begins in India.

I do agree on the fact that Social Media is a great power and if uncontrolled this bliss can turn into a bane but banning it all together is not a solution, i guess its high time we all netizens should become responsible in its usage

Bye guys!

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