How to Become a Social Media Consultant

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Social Media Consultant

Want to learn how to become a social media consultant? Want to know what a social media marketing consultant is supposed to do? Learn answers to these questions and much more in this article.

First of all, let’s be clear with what is social media consulting?

Here’s a brief social media consultant description: “Social media consulting is the process of reaching out to and engaging with the customers using social networking channels, on behalf of a brand”.

Social media consultants can work full-time within companies or they can provide freelance marketing services. Anyway with the growth and boom in social media users in India and increase in online shopping, social media consultants are always in demand. Let us see why businesses needs to hire a social media consultant in the following section.

Why Hire A Social Media Consultant

Just posting some content on social media consultancy channels can be done even by a small kid. But, planning and strategizing and then intelligently crafting the copy of each update to get the desired results on social media is an art. And social media consultants are expected to be experts in this art. The following image shows not just the benefits of social media marketing but also of the social media management consultant because consultants are supposed to do all these activities.

social media consultant

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Businesses which are really concerned about leveraging social media need to hire a social media consultant for the following reasons (which by the way, are also the skills which a social media consultant must possess):

Strategy and Planning

Begining with strategy and planning is a right way to conduct business. Social media strategy consultants help businesses in crafting an actionable social media strategy. The right strategy helps keep things in focus for a long term and enables any course correction if required.

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Content Creation and Posting

Content strategy forms a very important part of effective social media campaigns. Creating a yearly calendar in advance, allows social media consultants to plan campaigns and create content well in advance and to execute campaigns effectively.

social media consultant

HubSpot Consumer Behavior Survey, Q1 2016

Some of the digital content types which are popular worldwide can be seen in the image below. Social media posts, Videos, blogs, and podcasts are some areas where social media consultants can contribute.

Community Building

Community building is essential from the business point of view. Having a decent number of relevant fans and followers on different social media channels helps, first of all, to establish a strong brand and secondly it helps brands to reach out to these fans and sell their products to them. Social media consultants help brands develop strong and relevant communities on different social networks both by organic (without Ads) as well as inorganic (Ads) means.

Analyzing and Measuring the Results

Analyzing and measuring results of social media campaigns helps businesses understand the ROI, i.e. what profit or benefit they are getting from the time and money being spent on social media marketing by them. Almost all the social networks provide their own native analytics, which is good enough to get a decent picturing of one’s social media efforts. Social media consultants measure different social media metrics and analyze results to share actionable business insights with top management.

So, businesses need to hire social media consultants for all these benefits, and consultants too need to develop these skills if they want to get hired by the brands.

Apart from these core skills, some of the bonus skills which social media consultants should develop are:


Copywriting is both an art and science. Can you write such a copy so convince customers to purchase your brand’s products on social media? Can you make them share your social media post with their friends? Copywriting skills are a great asset for social media consultants.

Basic Graphic Designing

So many images and video clips have to be shared on social media these days. If social media consultants have basic graphic design skills, it can go a long way in establishing them in the business or making them desirable for businesses. For basic designing, free tools like Gimp (I highly recommend it), Canva and Pablo.

social media consultant

Social Media Consultants should develop these Skills (Image:

PPC Advertisements

Generating sales, leads or traffic by running Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertisements is an essential skill for social media consultants. As the organic reach keeps on decreasing with each passing day, social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are pushing brands to spend money on PPC Ads to generate desired results.

These additional skills will go a long way in making you a successful social media consultant.

Social Media Consultant Jobs

In an Indian context, there are a significant number of social media consultant jobs. I made a quick search on for social media marketing related jobs which showed results of more than 10,000 jobs in this sector. Which means there are lots of options for social media consultants to get a desired job or projects. Remember that social media consultant and social media marketing jobs are almost synonymous with each other.

social media consultant

Social Media Consultant Jobs

To search for social media consultant jobs, I recommend following sources:


Just develop the important skills mentioned in the previous section and fine tune your resume by including these skills. Then create profiles on these websites and start applying for the desired jobs.

Social Media Management Consultant Job Description

Here is an actual social media consultant job description which I came across on (posted by PivotRoots Digital Pvt Ltd, Mumbai):

social media consultant

Social Media Management Consultant Job Description

In this job description, you will notice that they have emphasized on:

    1. Creation of social media strategy
    2. Creation and posting of social media content
    3. Analyzing and report creation
    4. Engagement with Audience

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Of course, they have laid down many more points but these are the core which every hiring company will expect out of you as their social media consultant. More or less, all the job descriptions by different companies ask for these same skills. So, if you have mastery over these skills, you will have lots of options to choose from!

Social Media Consultant Rates

As per, the average social media consultant rate in India is Rs. 329,090 per year. The higher pay range for a social media consultant shown by them is Rs. 760,000 per year.

social media consultant

Social Media Consultant Salary in India (An Estimate by Payscale)

If you are freelance social media consultant, you can have multiple projects at the same time and thus you can earn a handsome amount of money.

Generally, as per my observation, at a beginner level, you can command a payment of Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 25,000 per month. As you grow in your career, and once you have a decent portfolio of clients served, you can command better payment for different projects. Some social media consultants earn well over Rs. 10 lakhs per year in India.

Social media consultant business can be started by building your personal brand. You should create a website where you blog about social media best practices and case studies of your successful projects. To hunt new projects you can use freelance websites like Upwork, Guru or Freelancer or any other website of your choice.

You can also choose to have a full-time job with some social media consulting firm. At a senior level with over 6-7 years of experience, some firms pay even more than Rs. 15 lakhs per year. We will discuss social media consulting firms in the next section.

NOTE: Here is a detailed article on social media marketing salaries, which you may like.

Social Media Consulting Firms

Working full-time with social media consulting firms is a safe and secure option for social media consultants. There are a plethora of social media consulting firms in India, ranging from a single person firm to large MNC firms with multiple teams. In another article on Digital Vidya, the author has listed top 15 social media firms in India, which are:

  • Pinstorm
  • WATConsult
  • Gozoop
  • BCWebWise
  • Sparrowi
  • Brainwork Technologies
  • Media2Win
  • Dentsu Webchutney
  • New Media Guru
  • Resultrix
  • sunStrategic
  • ICubeswire
  • Webmaffia
  • Poised Media
  • Mind & Matter

All these are top quality agencies executing high-quality social media campaigns for a large number of clients.

If you want to manage social media for consulting firms of your choice, you may apply for the jobs directly with them.


I am sure this article will help you to prepare yourself to be a Social media consultant in India. The information in this article in terms of required skills, the job description, social media firms etc., will help you to prepare yourself accordingly.

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Have you handled any project as a social media consultant or not? If yes, what has been your experience yet? What challenges have you faced in your professional journey so far? We recommend you to enhance your skills by taking a social media certification course to gain expertise. What are you waiting for? Do it now!

Image Credit: Socialmediaexaminer, HubSpot, Smartinsights,

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