Social Media Day: All You Wanted To Know About It With Latest Stats

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Social Media Day

Social Media Day was launched on June 30, 2010, by Mashable, which was a highly popular social media and technology portal back then but has now transformed into a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company. The social media day was launched as a way to recognize and celebrate social media’s impact on global communication. Although each and every day is a social media day still having a special day just to celebrate its existence and its impact on humanity is commendable and especially relevant to social media marketers around the globe.

#SMDay is the most popular hashtags used by the social media enthusiasts to celebrate this day. They organize meetups around the world to come together, deliver and listen to talks on the latest developments in the social media space, to network and learn from each other. And anyone can organize such meetups around the world. There is no governing authority as such and they are completely voluntarily.

Social Media Day 2017

Social Media Day 2017 marked the 8th annual global celebration amongst the social media enthusiasts. On June 30th, the meetups were held around the globe to celebrate International Social Media Day. Mashable being the founder of this day, lists such events around the globe. Anyone can submit their event to this page. Although International Social Media Day 2017 just passed on June 30th, still many people are celebrating this day by organizing events even in the ongoing month of July, especially those who could not make it on June 30th.
Social Media Day

Social Media Day Ideas

Here are 5 Social Media Day Ideas using which you can celebrate this day:

  1. First and Foremost, use #SMday
    #SMday is the most widely used hashtag used on social media day. Originally coined by Mashable, this hashtag is still going strong and is considered a standard when updating on social media about the social media day. For example, here’s a snapshot of the #SMday trends on different social media networks in the last 7 days (using TalkWalker’s social media tool):
    Social Media Day Trends
  2. Start a New Hashtag
    Although #SMday is the most popular hashtag out there to celebrate this day, you can coin your own hashtags too as per the online campaign or offline event which you are organizing. For example, the following tweet by Buffer is about their online campaign on the occasion of #SMday and the tweet by Vincent Orleck after that is about the offline celebration of social media day at Phoenix, Arizona

  3. Attend Online Events
    Not just offline meetups but online events are also conducted by some institutes. For example, here’s post by SocialSamosa about their live online event on the occasion of international social media day.
  4. Attend a Meetup in your Area
    As mentioned earlier, lots of events and meetups are organized around the globe by the social media enthusiasts. Attend those meetups, share your knowledge on the latest best practices, case studies etc., and listen to knowledge shared by others at such events. And moreover, enjoy your outing!
  5. Upload Photos and Videos
    Don’t forget to upload your photos or videos related to your social media meetups and networking events on social media. Again use the relevant hashtags.

Social Media Statistics 2017

Every social media marketer loves numbers. Isn’t it? That’s a big part of their game. And nothing better than to celebrate world social media day by keeping oneself abreast with the latest social media trends and statistics. The growth trends are especially encouraging to social media marketers.

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As per We Are Social, as of now, almost 2.78 billion people are active on different social media networks, Facebook being the most popular, which will soon cross 2 billion monthly active user base. In this section, I will share some of the latest social media statistics not just pertaining to global but India too.

  1. Most Popular Social Media Networks
    As discussed earlier, Facebook is the most popular social media network right now around the globe (including in India). In fact, India has the second highest userbase on Facebook at 213 million until April 2017 (source: Statistica), WhatsApp is at the second spot with more than 1 billion monthly active global user base. Here is a detailed chart published by
    Social Media Day
  2. India Digital User Base
    Each year, We Are Social compiles digital marketing data from around the globe, country wise. This is a great resource for marketers to keep track of latest statistics and trends in the social media and digital marketing space. Here’s one of the snapshots of India’s digital user base out of their 2017 Digital Yearbook:
    Social Media DayThis report shows 191 million active social media users in India until January, 2017 while the overall internet users are at 462 million, which shows still there is lot of growth possible in the Indian social media scenario.
  3. Indian Hours Spent on Social Media Per Day
    Indians spend as much as 8 hours almost on a daily basis on Internet, be it using the desktops. laptops. tablets or mobile phones. These are the overall numbers about the Internet access. While the average time spent on social media per day by Indians is 2 hours and 36 minutes which is much more than the amount they spend on watching TV. This shows how the social media usage has surpassed the consumption of TV in India amongst the Internet Users. And together they are doing millions of social media posts per day. The following snapshot by We Are Social is self-explanatory:
    Time Spent on Social Media


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social-media-day, CCBot/2.0 (

I am sure you will be well versed with the idea of International Social Media Day by now and how it is being celebrated across the globe. And not just this, I am sure this article also helped you become acquainted with some of the latest social media statistics related to not just the Indian market but on the global scale. If you have any queries, please ask in the comment box below. I will try to answer the same.


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