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Social Media Insights from 3rd Bootcamp (Part 2)

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Group Work at Social Media for B2B Bootcamp

Group Work at Social Media for B2B Bootcamp

Highlighting the key difference between conventional Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing, Pradeep Chopra, the other lead trainer shared that

You aim to get visitors (or the target audience) to your website through traditional Digital Marketing avenues such as SEO & PPC. However, you need to go to and engage with your target audience on the channels (such as Facebook) they are already present on to be successful in Social Media.

In order to enable the audience to reliably and successfully strategize, implement and measure their Social Media Marketing campaigns, Pradeep worked with the participants to present a Social Media Marketing framework developed by him and his team through their experience in working with a large number of organizations over the last 3-4 years. He demystified the same Social Media Marketing Framework while sharing their own such as incubating and nurturing a Facebook community on commonwealth games which has a very active fan base of over 23,000 people.

There is a growing rate of authorship as 100 folds per year in the Digital Medium. To the extent that most of the readers are also becoming publishers. We have become an over communicated society. But actually, only a fraction of messages is reaching out. Start from the business objective and before creating a position, think what do you want from Social Media and what can you offer to your target audience.

Kapil Nakra explained while talking about how to be successful in positioning in Social Media?

There were other sessions which highlighted how to use LinkedIn for Business Promotion and Personal Branding, Twitter – The Jewel in the Social Media Marketing crown, Blogging, How to leverage technology for SMM, How to leverage discussion forums and groups, and  a very hot topic on SSO (Social Search Optimization).

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