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Social Media Insights from 3rd SMM Bootcamp (Part 3)

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Social Media for B2B Bootcamp (Apr 9 | Delhi)

Social Media for B2B Bootcamp (Apr 9 | Delhi)

Blogging was discussed as one of the most powerful tools in Social Media Marketing. Participants were given an opportunity to write a blog post as a part of the exercise. Pradeep highlighted

One has to have a passion for writing and patience to get the result out of blogging. The combination of both leads you to be a successful blogger. Those who have all the elements of SUCCESs model (S-Simple, U-Unexpected, C-Concrete, C-Credible, E-Emotions and S-Stories), derived from the book ‘Made to Stick’, in their blog are the ones who will be the most credible.

After attending the workshop, I have realized that there are so many opportunities through Social Media Marketing. It is a feeling of immense power

added Sanjay Beswal, CEO of Andees Consulting.

The speakers not only spoke but also engaged with the participants while helping them do some hands-on exercise after every session to give them a real taste of the opportunity. The most interesting part of the bootcamp was live Facebook Community Building competition. The participants were divided into 2 groups and they launched and promoted a new Facebook community within the bootcamp. The participants used all the insights they learnt about community building to promote their Facebook fan pages.

They were also given Facebook Advertising credits to boost up their promotion. Finally, the group discussed the key success and failure parameters for their individual communities. The participants discovered for themselves some of the key benchmarks regarding Facebook Advertising, which will help them replicate the success for the communities relevant to their businesses. Here are some of the learning acquired by the participants through live Facebook Advertising – one can expect around US$ 0.10 – 0.15 as the CPC (Cost Per Click) for a new visitor in India on Facebook. One can expect to achieve a CTR (Click Through Rate) of 0.05-0.1% and a Fan conversation (i.e. conversions/click) rate of around 40-60%.

The most interesting part was making a fan page on Facebook and analyzing it. It gave us an actual feel of what it needs to make a fan page on any Social Media. I have realized that unless you do it, you do not get it

explained Saurabh Nigam, Ericsson.

“I liked the format of the bootcamp. We have worked a lot in just two days. This bootcamp leaves me behind to think more about Social Media. Secondly, the case studies really help to understand the actual analytics of Social Media Marketing,”

said Gayatri Buddha, ex-AVP, MakeMyTrip. Another particiapant Apeksha Bobde from Impetus Infotech, who came to attend the bootcamp especially from Indore said

The sessions were informative and interactive. I will have some value-adds, once I get back to work I will have a better framework.

The workshop came to an end with a message to Listen, Follow and Engage to get meaningful results through Social Media Marketing.

Digital Vidya aims to contribute to the growth of the Digital Marketing Industry by nurturing right talent through its hands-on workshops on various facets of Digital Marketing. The next SMM bootcamps organized by Digital Vidya are ‘Leveraging Social Media for B2B’ (Apr 9, Delhi) and ‘Leveraging Social Media for Branding and Community Building (Apr 14, Delhi). You can find more about them at

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