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Social Media Insights from 3rd SMM Bootcamp (Part 1)

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Social Media Marketing Bootcamp (March | Delhi)

3rd Social Media Marketing Bootcamp (March | Delhi)

After two successful bootcamps, Digital Vidya, India’s premier digital company conducted it 3rd bootcamp in Delhi on March 12-13, 2010. The bootcamp started with a question to the audience – “List 3 words which captures the true essence of any successful campaign in Digital Marketing”. The audience could partially guess these 3 words – Visibility, Relevancy and Credibility.

To be good at Digital marketing, first and foremost thing is to have a significant visibility among the target audience, after which relevancy comes into play. There has to be a right message at the right place and for the right purpose. The third and the factor of utmost importance is credibility. You may be visible and may be delivering relevant message but are you credible enough in your target audience community? All the three factors need to go hand in hand for any successful campaign

explained Kapil Nakra, one of the two lead trainers at the bootcamp.

Social Media Marketing is all about engagement and conversations. Why is it the need of hour? This question is best answered by one of the participants in the bootcamp, Deepak Srivastva (President, Broadway Consulting India),

If we talk about the traditional ways of marketing, I used to think myself as a very strong marketing person till now. And when I used to see my children sitting on the system and working on their Facebook and Twitter profiles, I used to feel that Social Media is fun and meant for youngsters and kids. But today’s generation is born and brought up in the Digital Medium and therefore there is a change in the way we used to work earlier. The traditional way of marketing is in the transition phase to Digital Marketing and it was then I realized that I really need to be presence and active in the platform they would like to engage at.

Today there are large number of organizations, both International and Local, which have significantly leveraged Social Media for various reasons ranging from Recruitment to CRM to Sales. Dell, Comcast and Zappos are classic examples of international case studies in Social Media. India has got numerous relevant interesting Social Media case studies – a Taxi Driver in Banaras is leveraging his YouTube video The Indian Taxi driver to do a great amount of business. Another interesting example is the effective promotion for TEDIndia (an event priced at Rs 100,000) especially using Twitter to meet the target of over 800 delegates.

Before I attended this Bootcamp, I was completely unknown to using Social Media as a marketing tool. I had enquired people about it and then I came to attend it. I am equipped with the tools now. It’s been a good market and very cost effective

said Saurabh Nigam.

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