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Social Media Manager Jobs

Planning to make a career in Social Media Marketing? Want to get Social Media Manager jobs? This article will address your queries. Social Media has grown almost exponentially in the last few years in India. In fact, with 241 million monthly active user base, India has already overtaken the US to be the number one country in the world for Facebook.

So as the usage of social media channels grows, the importance of social media management also grows in direct proportion because it helps companies do their branding and generate leads/sales on different social media platforms.

It is no wonder, that there are a large number of openings for social media manager jobs in India.

Current Scenario of Social Media Manager Jobs in India

Social Media Management requires experienced social media managers. As far as the current scenario of the job market related to social media managers in India is concerned, one can make a quick search at (the largest and most trusted job portal in India) to have an idea.

First I will share a screenshot related to the number of jobs listed on Naukri related to the keyword “Social Media Marketing”

Social Media Manager Jobs

Social Media Manager Jobs on

You can see that there are 9,838 jobs listed in India related to Social Media Marketing. Which means there is significant demand overall for the professionals in this area.

Now let’s see the number of jobs listed with specific requirement for “Social Media Manager”

Social Media Manager Jobs

social media manager job description in

With almost 2,500 social media manager jobs listings, which are mid-level seniority jobs requiring at least 4-5 years of hands on experience, it shows there is a significant demand for senior level positions too in this area in India.

Before we proceed further, let me share some details about the social media job description.

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Social Media Manager Job Description

In this section, I will share the roles and responsibilities of Social media managers. For example here is an actual social media manager job description by one of the companies in India (Adept Global, Pune, taken from

Social Media Manager Jobs

Social Media Manager Job Description

Now you can see the main responsibilities of a social media manager are to plan out social media campaigns, manage all social media accounts, create and curate the social media content, generate leads through social media ads, participate in brand building exercises on social media and measure the results to improve the performance further and much more as listed in the job description above.

So now you have an idea what is expected out of a social media manager by companies. In the next section, I will share how to become a social media manager.

How To Be A Good Social Media Manager

Here are some of the skills which will help you to become a good social media manager:

  • Marketing Basics
    Before even you begin social media marketing, you need to be clear with the marketing fundamentals. The basics of marketing will not change with social media or digital marketing. In fact, they remain the same. Just the marketing playground (here ‘social media’) changes.Rest you need to know basics like 4Ps of marketing, marketing research, gaining consumer insights etc.These concepts will help you to understand your products and offerings, customers, their needs, and how to fulfill those needs.
  • In-Depth Understanding of Social Networks
    Each social network like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat etc. has its own set of user interface, features and individual marketing tactics and best practices. So you need to have hands on experience in each of the platforms relevant to your business.You should be well adept in executing campaigns on different types of social media networks and should be able to generate required results from the same.
  • Copywriting Skills
    Can you write a social media status that draws attention? That actually encourages the readers towards a particular desired action? If yes, then you will make a very good social media manager.Because, whether be it social media posts for brand building or creating social media ad campaigns to generate leads, writing a crisp, to-the-point and an effective copy is must!Here’s a post with detailed resources to learn more about and enhance your skills in social media copywriting.
  • Basic Graphic Design Skills
    These days, companies expect you to know basic graphic design skills too. The reason is, so many images and videos are needed these days to effectively promote on social media.And going by the following survey by HubSpot, it shows that the visual content matters a lot in the scheme of things for social media marketing:If you can learn to operate professional graphic design tools like Gimp (free and open-source) or Photoshop (paid), then well and good. Otherwise, there are some easy to learn and use options like Canva and Pablo (by Buffer) using which you can design quality images for social media posts in a quick time.
  • Analytics Skills
    A good social media manager should know how to glean information from different social media analytics tools. There are various tools for social media managers both free and paid to do the same.For example, the native analytics tools on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. are totally free to use and the best place to begin with. Apart from these Social Media Managers should learn Google Analytics to analyze how much traffic they are able to generate using social media, what kind of content is generating more traffic on the website etc.In fact, these free tools are good enough to get a decent picture of the performance of your social media campaigns. Here is a post specifically about various tools for social media managers.

Apart from these listed skills, here is an excellent diagram by about the skills which social media managers should develop:
Social Media Marketing Salary

Now since you have an idea, what it takes to be a good social media manager, I will share a brief about the average salary of a social media manager in India.

Salary of Social Media Manager in India

Salaries of experienced social media managers in India can range from Rs. 40,000/month to Rs. 100,000/month as per my own experience and observation. Beyond that stage, social media managers have to upgrade their skills to be a Digital Marketing Manager, which means they will have to learn skills like SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Website Maintenance etc., apart from the social media skills.

Here is a post with a detailed coverage on salaries of social media managers in India.

Now you have an idea about the salary which you can earn as a social media manager, next we will discuss how you can get hired as a social media manager.

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How To Get Social Media Marketing Manager Jobs

There are mainly two types of social media jobs. One is where you work for some company, in-house for some brand or for a social media management company or Agency and the second is where your work as a freelancer from home (although that cannot be called as a salaried job still you earn as per your our standards and charges).

Let us discuss both these types of jobs one by one:

  • Social Media Management Jobs In-House with Brands or with Social Media Management Company (Agency)
    If you want to learn a lot and experiment with social media campaigns related to different brands, then joining some social media agency makes sense. Some ways to search for such jobs are:

    • That is the number one place any job aspirant will go after (lots of filters and advanced search options).
    • A nice selection of jobs in India (you can search city and company wise).
    • Direct Search: Most of the companies list jobs on their websites. Check out the websites and send your resumes on the mentioned email id.
    • Facebook Groups: Lots of Facebook Groups in India are dedicated towards Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Some of these groups are just about the jobs. Post your requirement over there.
    • Direct Reference: Ask your peers, friends, seniors etc., whether there are any such job openings in their companies or in their reference circle.

      That said, it is important to craft your resume in such a way that you highlight your experience and achievements in social media marketing.

  • Social Media Manager Jobs from Home (Freelancing Jobs)
    There are many websites to search for freelancing social media manager jobs from home. The benefits are that you can work from home at your own flexible schedule and pace and earn as much as you can depending upon your charges and projects (you can get even projects from foreign countries) but the downside is that it takes the time to make a name as a freelancer and have a consistent supply of projects.Here are some ways to find out freelance social media projects:

    • Facebook Groups: Lots of Facebook Groups in India are dedicated towards Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Some of these groups are just about the jobs. Post your requirement over there.
    • LinkedIn Groups: Similar to Facebook Groups, there are lots of dedicated LinkedIn Groups on Social Media and Digital Marketing. Join them, participate, and ask for projects.
    • Direct Reference: Ask your peers, friends, seniors etc., whether there are any such job openings in their companies or in their reference circle.
    • Freelancing Websites: Try out freelancing job portals like Upwork, Freelancer, People Per Hour, Guru and Fiverr. There are many more, but these are good to begin with.


Management of social media will remain a hot sector in India. Social media management services will continue to be in demand. There will be lot more social media manager jobs and jobs for social media content managers going forward.

Join the Social Media Marketing Certification Course to start a rewarding career in Digital Marketing.

With that, I would like to end this article. I am sure it has been helpful to you! Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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