Social Media Marketing Case Study: Are You a Gourmet or a Gourmand?

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Next best thing to eating food is reading about it and getting it delivered at your door step.. isn’t it?! – That’s Digital Food

I’m not sure how many of you have read Detective Nero Wolf and Archie Goodwin series written by Rex Stout. Most fascinating aspect of the series is Nero Wolf’s obsession of what and how of food and the food he consumes. Probably all that food has become part of his character and size – “ clasping his hands round his belly and pushing his lips in and out to solve all the challenging murder mystery from his arm chair!

He was both a gourmet and gourmand and all the recipes described in the novels makes your taste buds crave and experience the bliss of food.-

If you have watched Star Trek – the next generation. – food replicator used in Star Trek – replicates food with original taste and quality and delivered at the speed of lighting. Although the food synthesizer / replicator doesn’t seem possible… Freshmenu a food services chain has been able to keep the taste buds craving for the food one desires.

I had a chat with Rashmi Daga – the Founder of Freshmenu and sharing her achievements of her online venture She started freshmenu 15 months back as an online food services venture. In this short span freshmenu has grown to boast of 4000 orders per day, 1 lakh customers in Bangalore alone and are in the midst of replicating themselves in Mumbai and Gurgaon.

Social Media Marketing: 

Having developed an attractive and interactive food website, As a start-up venture, their approach and strategy was to design and implement digital marketing campaigns to announce their start and spread WOM.

Freshmenu has been using social media marketing extensively for building a personalized brand in the food services sector. They have been using the following social media channels to engage with online visitors extensively.

  1. Facebook – has been the most stable channel for marketing campaigns
  2. Twitter – catching up with Facebook
  3. Instagram – is highly picture oriented and pictures of good quality food and people consuming food has helped generate good traffic
  4. Google Adwords

Marketing Campaigns: 

  1. Freshmenu engages with their online visitors by promoting interesting content on orgin of food items.
  2. Conducts regular quizzes, contests and special offer coupons. Recently conducted “Super Chef Contest” – where visitors were encouraged to introduce their kith and kin as Super Chef and as their  favourite Gourmet.
  3. Their most successful campaign was “Food Festival” – Talks about origin and history of specific food and how the same is manufactured and prepared by Freshmenu. Recent campaign was Bread festivals.fm2fm1
  4. “What do you want to eat today?” – asking their customers for their desired dishes has lead to understand each customer wants and desires

Campaign Achievements

Freshmenu saw a very good growth in their sales from the food festival campaigns. Sales were up by 20%. On a single day they recorded 500 extra orders.

Social Media especially facebook has been contributing more than 20% of traffic across all social media channels.

Lessons Learnt

What works today need not work tomorrow. Engaging with customers differently every day is challenging. Not only that, getting customers to talk about their experience with freshmenu is time-consuming.

One draws conclusion that success is directly proportionate to the growing customer base and orders per day, which Freshmenu has achieved with an aplomb.

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” -George Bernard Shaw


Image Credits: Google

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