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Social Media Marketing In 3 minutes

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Social Media Marketing or SMM as popularly known is today extremely critical to the success of one’s business. More and more businesses are trying to make their presence known over the internet. Today, if someone wants an information about something, he goes straight to the internet. The easy access to the internet has made it extremely easy to go online from anywhere and look for the information they want. People have internet in their homes, offices, in their cars and even in their pockets on their mobile devices. Due to this, it is not very surprising that Google has over 200 million look ups or searches every single day which takes the number to 6 billion in a month. This is startling amount of searches. People are definitely looking at the products and services a company offers. If a company is not putting information on the internet then who is. There are hundreds of websites online that are making it simple for the average user of internet to get content or information on the internet. These sites are knows as social media. These sites use a media to allow a registered user to interact with many people hence the name social media.

Social media is quite popular today and millions of people around the world are using them. Therefore, more and more businesses are using social media to reach out to their target market. If a business is not using Social media to market their products, they are losing out on  a lot of things. Since, social media is so important today it is necessary to understand how to leverage it to our advantage. Some of the biggest challenges that people have while trying to market their business through social media is where to start, how to effectively use their time and how do they all work together. There are four steps to achieve success in social media marketing:

1. Find Interested People :

In order to successfully brand oneself, it is important to find people who are interested in what one has to offer. Writing blog is a great way of giving information about one’s products and services. These blogs must be well written and interesting to read. People who read and comment on these blogs are people who are interested to know about the business. Creating a Facebook and Twitter account is another great way to find interested people. These two mediums also allow an individual to communicate with the people and keep them engaged.

2. Deliver Quality Content :

Content is the king when it comes to social media marketing. If one is not skilled at it, hiring someone who is would be a wise investment. There are thousands of businesses trying to promote their product through the social media. This makes it very important to prepare content that attracts the target market.

3.  Capture Information :

A business owner should provide information that the people are interested to know about. Providing relevant information would attract their attention towards the business.  This will set the business apart from others who are just trying to sell something.

4. Stay in Touch :

One way of doing this is to build engagement with the people. Writing blogs, daily posts, replying to comments or queries are some of the ways of doing that. Building an engagement with people will develop a relationship that will translate into sales growth.

One thing that should be emphasized here is that social media is not a medium to make money. Social media is a medium to forge relationship with people. It is a medium to market one’s products and services and answer questions related to them. Social media is a medium to build engagement with people so that they are interested in what one has to sell. People only buy when they trust a brand. Effective use of the social media will help in building that trust.

It is very easy to get confused among the myriads of social media sites that are available today. Unless one is targeting a particular niche, it is important to stick to a few popular ones that most people use. Facebook for example has an average 864 million daily active users according to Facebook. So finding a target market on Facebook should not be a big challenge. Similarly, LinkedIn has 187 and Twitter 284 monthly active users. Social media easily outnumber the reach of traditional marketing mediums. This opens up the business owners to a large number of people who could be their potential customers.

There are many ways in which one can use these social media websites, effectively.

Providing good content on video sharing websites like YouTube (which is the world’s second most utilized search engine) will allow a business to reach out to a lot of people. Writing articles for online magazines like Ezine is another great way to reach to a large number of people who visit these sites to read good articles. There are other sites like Squidoo and HubPages that allow one to deliver good content to people. A good content will definitely attract the attention of people.

Creation of a lead capture page after that offers people high perceived value and ethical bribe for giving their name and email addresses. Contact information will allow a business to send emails and newsletters to people and stay in touch with people. These are the people who have read the content on the websites and requested more information as they consider the owner of these content to be an expert. There are many advantages of that:

  • Makes a business credible
  • Increases referral
  • Builds new relationships
  • Demand higher prices
  • Gives outstanding visibility
  • Increases familiarity
  • Builds trust
  • Products and services can be offered due to that trust
  • Perception of an expert

To sum it up in one sentence, all these activities help to build trust with the people and all business transactions take place upon the foundation of trust. Social media marketing therefore, should be seen as a trust building medium that leads to business growth.

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