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Social Media Marketing Insights from Digital Vidya Bootcamp for B2B Businesses

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Social Media for B2B Businesses Bootcamp

Social Media for B2B Businesses Bootcamp (Apr 9 | Delhi)

Digital Vidya has recently started an initiative to support B2B organizations to explore relatively unknown territory of leveraging Social Media for B2B Businesses. Digital Vidya recently conducted one-day bootcamp in Bangalore on “Social Media for B2B Businesses” on March 26, 2010 and in Delhi on April 9, 2010. The bootcamp started with the discussion on why B2B businesses should care about social media.

According to the data published by Cisco, 96% of all Indian IT decision makers prohibit the use of social media applications in the workplace, highest for any country across the world. It’s really surprising. Even though they understand their “employees” are their key asset, they are not letting the inner talent exposed to potential Customers. Companies like IBM and Cisco are exploring and experimenting various initiatives like creating online newsrooms, video sharing platform, building organization wide thought leadership to fulfill multiple objectives including lead generation and direct sales. The key is to use Social Media channels effectively while having the employees focus on their key accountabilities,

said speaker Kapil Nakra while beginning the session.

In India, Social Media is primarily used by B2C businesses to fulfill the objectives of spreading the buzz, listening and engaging with target audience but not many B2B companies has realized the need for their organization. They still believe that Social Media is primarily a kid’s playground. It does have any role to play in large ticket size deals. But that’s not true any more.

There are several aspects in B2B Businesses like lead generation, direct sales, reducing client acquisition cycle, lead qualification, improving the conversion ratio, resource hiring, competitive analysis and vendor evaluation to which Social Media can be leveraged effectively,

explained the speaker Pradeep Chopra, Digital Vidya.

There was a discussion of Indian case studies like Deskaway, an online Project Management Software company which is generating effective leads in global market place through various Social Media channels including Facebook and Twitter.

Digital Vidya itself is a successful example to generate direct sales through Social Media. More than 100 people have participated in Digital Vidya Bootcamps in last 3 months, out of which 75% can be attributed to Social Media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Online PR.

I am thankful to Digital Vidya for putting together a very useful bootcamp on Social Media. I am extremely satisfied with the knowledge and ability of both the instructors to deliver the curriculum,

said Kaushik Satish, NenTel.

After the B2B businesses are clear that they need to care about Social Media, the next major question that comes is how to effectively use Social Media to fulfill on business objectives. The key channels that are most widely used in B2B businesses are LinkedIn, Blogging and Discussion forums.

One of the key principle one needs to understand is the fact that fundamentally B2B Business are not different from B2C. Even though its about business dealing with Business but fundamentally it about an individual dealing with another individual,

explained Kapil Nakra.

LinkedIn is the largest and highly active Social Media community where over 60 million professionals across the world are using it to exchange information, ideas and opportunities. It represents more than 200 countries and only in India there are over 5 million members.

To get maximum benefit out of it an organization need to create visibility by ensuring all their employees’ particularly all the sales team member’s active participation on LinkedIn. The basic purpose is to increase your visibility. Once you are visible, build your credibility, create engagement and make sure you are relevant,

said Kapil.

But what is in it for a Business? The answers are many. From getting potential vendors/ Employee evaluation tool to competitive analysis research tool to sales pitch for potential customers to engage and get relevant information. From getting direct sales to generating search engine traffic, all of it can be done at one place called LinkedIn.

The workshop provided a hands-on experience on creating thought leadership in online space. In the same context, Blogging was discussed as an important tool to market offerings in an online space. Participants did hands-on work by writing a blog post as per the guidelines. Even the participants who have written more than 100 posts till now were amazed to see the common mistakes they usually commit in their blog posts.

The content of the workshop was very relevant and clear. The case studies made it more tangible as we could connect the concept with the real time results,”

said participant Mita Patnaik, CEO, Vianza Inc, California (U.S.).

The workshop also inquired into the impact of Social Media popularity on Search Engine results. In fact it has led to emergence of a relatively new marketing approach to optimize results on search engine called – Social Search Optimization.

Nowadays if you search your name on any of the search engines, you will see that most the search results with come from social media sites rather than your corporate profiles. This shows the acceptance of Social Media sites by search engines. This change has drastically shifted the approach to market a business on search engines. In fact, search has become social, real-time and local,

added Pradeep.

The curriculum of the workshop was up to the mark, very informative and the speakers were good. Digital Vidya must take it to as many corporate and professionals as possible,

said another participant Girish Kulkarni, Infratel.

Digital Vidya aims to contribute to the growth of the Digital Marketing Industry by nurturing right talent through its hands-on workshops on various facets of Digital Marketing. The next SMM bootcamps organized by Digital Vidya are ‘Leveraging Social Media for B2B’ (21 May’10, Delhi) and ‘Leveraging Social Media for Branding and Community Building (21 May’10, Mumbai; 22 May’10, Pune; 14 May’10, Delhi). If you are serious about leveraging Social Media for your organization, you may want to be part of these upcoming Social Media Marketing Bootcamps by Digital Vidya.

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