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Social Media Marketing On Low Budget: 4 Easy Ways

Social Media Marketing On Low Budget: 4 Easy Ways

According to Duke University, marketers are starting to allocate nearly 10% of their budgets to social media. Within the next 12 months, the expected average marketing budget to be allocated is 13.2%. Said that, every action taken by you on social media should be backed by a strategy. 1413931343-how-set-social-media-goals-marketing-forward

However, with budget constraints, making appropriate decisions about social media marketing can be a challenge. The important question is how you wish to spend that budget rather than how much the budget is. There are some brands spending millions on marketing while others are just spending hundred dollars and relying on free promotional methods.

The power of social media networks is not just where you meet new friends but has become a business hub too. However, it is true that digital marketing expenditures are used up mostly by search engine optimization, content creation, etc. But sales could be boosted by leveraging social media.

It is important to spend the budget well if you have a tight one. Focusing on what you spend it on should be considered.

4 Approaches to Best Social Media Marketing On Low Budget

With these 4 ways, you manage your social media marketing on low budget.

Approach 1: Who Is Your Target Audience?

Not everyone is your target audience. The people you talk to determines the responses you get. It is important to define your target audiences before you start investing time, money and other resources on social media.

It is important to remember, social media marketing shouldn’t be seen as a quick way of building a profitable business. The focus should be on building trust with people and not just getting the sales.

Defining your target audience is the core of an efficient and effective social media strategy. Social media marketing could be seen as relationships which turn into engagements later on.

Here is the major question… ‘Who you should engage with?’

According to John Haydon, there are 5 different types of engagers.


They are the ones who will leverage your posts and come up with something unique and closely tied to what their followers want on social media. They are creatives and amplifiers. They are among the best users to be connected with on social media as they take an idea from you and expand on it.

Note: If you will share exclusive data, trends, case studies, important thoughts, and ultimate ideas, the attention of broadcasters will be grabbed.


They are strong influencers of people that are known to them personally. They spend time relating with their fans, friends, customers etc. Therefore, their audience trusts them deeply. If these people spread your idea on social media platforms, it can open up new business opportunities for you.

Note: If you want to reach BFFs, you need to be honest and transparent. This is because, for them, the relationship comes first. They can go an extra mile to prove the authenticity.

Scout’s Honor

They have been trusted by the audiences on social media networks. If you have something good to share, you can reach out to them. However, offer something of social value.


To grab their attention, you have to be smart. They influence people. Therefore, you can invite them to your conference or lead a session or maybe involve them in your projects.


They share valuable resources with their social networks. Therefore, for getting the attention of social informers, you need to have a benefit driven and catchy headlines.image00-18

It is important to remember that you should not talk to everyone on social networking sites.

Approach 2: Go for social media channels having a culture

Every channel on social media has its own established culture i.e. a way of life. It is expected that advertisers and users approach their platform in a similar manner.

Focus is the key here. Therefore, having less is equivalent to more’ and thus, will give you best results.

If you are thinking which social media channel will suit you the best, then there is no single, universal ‘best social media channel’. However, there is the right one for your business type. You can know that by understanding how each one works.

Without any doubt, social medias have evolved over the years.  For example, Facebook has changed from being a simple PPC advertising platform to a database of information on demographics, audience insights and more. With the introduction of LookAlike and Customer Audience features, it was pretty easy to create campaigns that target a specific group of people. Using the Power Editor tool, you can upload your email subscribers list easily and then Facebook can reconcile your list with that database thereby, sending your ads to the new one.image07-1

To advertise on major social media platforms, you may have to spend some money. By running campaigns and testing everything, you can check if something suits you or not. And if it suits you, you should stick to that channel.

Approach 3: Value Proposition Should Be User-friendly

By value proposition, one means a promise of value. This can make you stand out from the competition. To make your value proposition to work, you should consider the following pointers:

  • Be clear and concise
  • Be visually appealing
  • Be relevant
  • Include a CTA (call-to-action)

It is necessary to differentiate a product from similar products regardless of where you want to promote (for instance, Instagram PPC or Facebook ads). Considering the question, why would people visit and like your fan page when there are so many other pages to follow and like? Therefore, you need to provide your users something which is valuable and unique.

A value proposition is something that motivates your user to click on your ad when you advertise on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. For instance, offering a discount of 25% can act as a motivating factor to get clicks and fill the sales funnel. Or maybe a customer testimonial could do the trick for you.

Well, anything that shows the strong benefits of your product is key!

Approach 4: Create Variety of Content and Analyze

Apparently, there is no direct answer as to ‘What type of Content Will Work for Social Sharing?’

You need to experiment it for yourself. According to Vertical Response, single most time-consuming factor in social media management is finding and posting content. There is no need to stick to written content only. For social media marketing on low budget, one needs to adopt a flexible approach.

For instance, if your target users on Facebook or any other social media networks prefer to watch videos more than text, then by investing on written content means you are wasting your money. However, you need to have epic social media content ideas. For instance, if they click on your ad because you are addressing a topic of their interest, they might click on your link but if your content format is not appealing, they will eventually leave without taking profitable actions.

There are different platforms for different types of content. For instance, if you want to create something for reaching business professionals, then LinkedIn is the best social media platform for you. You should know the best content to be posted on different social media platforms.

Getting leads from social medias is only hard when you create a wrong type of content for a platform. Who will see pictures of cute puppies on LinkedIn, unless it is not related to a business!image11-3

According to Data from HubSpot in 2013 shows, nearly 52% of all marketers surveyed actually sourced a lead from Facebook. This figure almost doubled by 2015. Along with written content like blog posts, articles etc, you should also consider creating infographics, tutorial videos, podcasts, and other content media.

Note: It is important to tailor your social media content for different platforms. Along with the content, have an appealing and relevant visual in the content that you share on the portals. Using visuals capture the reader’s attention and thus, can benefit you.

For instance, if you are optimizing content for social media, you should always use images to get more tweets, comments, shares, likes, retweets, etc.


Spending the allocated social media marketing budget wisely is of great importance. You should amplify your reach by promoting your social presence on different platforms. You should also build a page and create relevance. In simple words, your fan pages, landing pages, and other social media profiles should all align with each other.

To know how to replicate your success or when to stop using a particular platform or tactic, you should document and track your strategy and results.

By using these 4 easy approaches, you can set the social media marketing strategy even if you have a strict budget.

Out of these four approaches, which approach did you find the most relevant for your business?

Sakshi is a content marketer during the day and a reader by night. She writes content sprinkled with a twisted imagination. She has done her graduation in psychology from Delhi University and has an insane love for history.

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  • 3 years ago

    Neovora   /   Reply

    Great infographic and post! I believe that the social media budget needs to be allocated to professional content creators.. Making something worth liking and sharing will be the greatest asset.

    • 3 years ago

      Sakshi Behl   /   Reply

      Great thought, Neovora. Content creation and marketing are giving more ROI than other fields!

  • 3 years ago

    Puneet   /   Reply

    Great Job on the Blog, Well written and to the point, a definate must read for every marketing person,

    • 3 years ago

      Sakshi Behl   /   Reply

      Thanks, Puneet. Glad you found it worthwhile!

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