How To Write A Winning Social Media Marketing Resume

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Social Media Marketing Resume

Are you looking for a social media marketing job? And do you want to build a really nice social media marketing resume? Then you are on the right page. Apart from the free social media resume templates, we will discuss important areas like social media skills, ways to search social media related jobs and to crack the interview.

But first of all, what exactly is Resume? Is it the same as CV? The answer is No.

While CV contains detailed information about your experience, skill sets and achievements which can stretch well beyond 2 pages, Resume on the other hand is limited to 1 or 2 pages with a brief information about your skills and experience. I personally would recommend 2 pages for a social media marketing resume, because it still allows lots of important information to be covered well.

Since we are talking about social media marketing resume in this article, we will limit our discussion to social media marketing resume templates only.

How To Write A Social Media Marketing Resume

Here are steps to write a winning social media marketing resume:

  1. Customize

    In which company you are applying for the job? For an e-commerce company, for an FMCG company, or for some digital marketing agency? Customize your resume as per the hiring company. Ask yourself, what are they looking at? Add all those important details in your resume. For example, you can always highlight specific skills and keywords in your resume which are of interest to your hiring company.

  2. Add Your Experience

    Add all your professional experience, highlighting your designation and job responsibilities at each of your previous companies. This will help the hiring manager know about your capabilities and your potential for the present job.

  3. Add Your Achievements

    Identify your achievements in terms of social media marketing and add them to your resume. This is important because the hiring companies are always looking out for the winners. And if you can show some past achievements like how you helped different companies generate leads or sales through social media, or how you helped them create branding on social media, this can be a great arsenal in your resume.

  4. Add Important Keywords

    Since you are writing a social media marketing resume, don’t forget to add keywords like “Social Media Marketing”, “Social Media Optimization”, “Social Media Campaigns”, “Facebook Ads”, “Facebook Marketing”, “Twitter Marketing”, “LinkedIn Marketing”, “SMM”, “SMO”, etc., which are relevant to a social media marketing job.

  5. Add Educational Details

    If you are a fresher, your educational details matter a lot while if you are an experienced professional, it does not matter much. Anyway, adding your educational qualification is a must in the resume.Pro Tip: If you have done any social media marketing course, highlight that in your education section. It will add an extra edge to your resume.

  6. Highlight Social Media Skills on Resume

    You should also highlight important social media skills on your resume. You can learn about all the important social media skills which you should add to your resume in the next section.

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Social Media Skills on Resume

Mentioning skills on your resume is a good way to let the hiring persons know about your specialties. Highlighting such skills helps them gauge the person in comparison with other job applicants.

Social media marketing in the recent years has become a multifaceted activity wherein you as a social media manager are expected not just to manage day-to-day social media tasks but also expected to have some SEM, Graphic design and Content Writing skills.

Social Media Marketing Resume

Highlight Social Media Skills on your Resume

Here is a complete list of social media skills which should be on your resume:

  • Social Media Planning Skills

    A social media specialist should know how to create a long term social media marketing plan.

  • Social Media Campaigns’ Execution

    It is important to execute long term plan on a day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month and quarter-to-quarter basis, and a social media manager should know how to do that.

  • Building Social Media Communities

    The building, growing and moderating communities on social media is an art. Social media managers should be adept in it.

  • Content Marketing

    Content marketing has become a lot important in the last few years and social media managers should know how to craft a quality content marketing strategy and execute the same.

  • Basic Graphic Designing Skills

    Even knowing how to use simple graphic design tools like Pablo or Canva can be useful, while having basic knowledge of how to use Photoshop or Gimp can be a big plus point.

  • WordPress Blogging Expertise

    Sometimes social media managers are expected to write and upload blog posts and is quite popular across companies for blogging. And if you know how to use, that is a big plus in your resume.

  • Analytic Skills

    Analyzing and measuring the results of different social media campaigns and grasping actionable insights from the same is essential for any social media manager. One should be really good at it.

  • Leadership Skills

    Leadership skills are a must in any sort of corporate job these days. And social media jobs are no different. You should know how to interact with seniors and juniors and how to get things done. You have to be proactive and self-motivated to get the things done and resolve any complicated issues.

NOTE: Please make sure that whatever skills you mention on your resume, you should actually be an adept or expert in the same. If not an expert in all, you should be an expert in some and should have handy knowledge in the others.

Now, since you are well aware of the important skills which social media specialists should have and which as a potential job candidate you should mention on your resume too, let’s move on to the next section wherein I will share free and downloadable social media specialist resume samples.

Social Media Specialist Resume Sample

Social media specialist is a person who has a few years of social media marketing experience under his belt and who is a specialist in planning and executing different social media campaigns.

We will discuss all the important skills which a social media specialist should have and which he should mention on his social media marketing resume too, in the next section. For now, I will share two sample resumes, a simple one with a traditional look and the second one with a modern look and feel.

Here is the first social media specialist resume sample (a simple one) :

Social Media Marketing Resume

A Simple and Traditional Looking Social Media Marketing Resume Sample (Credits:

You can also download this Social Media Manager Resume Sample template for free (in Word Format) and add your own details to it.

Here is the second social media specialist resume sample (modern look):

Social Media Marketing Resume

A Modern Looking Social Media Marketing Resume Sample (Credits:

You will have to log in to to use and download this social media resume sample.

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Social Media Jobs Online

Searching social media jobs online is not a rocket science. It is very simple.

Once you have the basics in place, i.e. once you are confident with your skill sets and your resume is polished enough, it is time to reach out to the potential hiring authorities in different companies.

Here’s how you can do that:

Make it clear, to which companies do you want to apply?

Do you want to be a part of some digital marketing/social media marketing agency and handle different social media campaigns of their clients? Or, do you want to be a part of some brand and manage their social media marketing in-house.

Sources to Search Social Media Jobs Online

Some of the sources to search social media jobs online are:

  • Job Portals

    Social Media Marketing Resume

    Social Media Manager job posting on

    Job Portals like,, etc. are good places to begin searches for social media jobs. First, make sure that your profile on these portals is 100% complete and verified and your latest and updated resume is uploaded on these portals. Some portals like also allow attaching the cover letter for each of the jobs you apply.
    Just add the necessary keywords like “Social Media Marketing” in their search boxes, add the job location of your desire, the number of years of your experience and expected salary and hit enter.And you are good to go for a decent list of jobs. In fact, is the number one portal for any job searches in India.Another decent option in this category is Similar to other jobs portal, you can make a search based on the profile, location, experience etc. You can attach your Resume too with each application.In my opinion, and are two very good places for beginners to start making searches for quality jobs.

  • Social Media Groups

    There are a number of groups on Facebook and LinkedIn dedicated to social media jobs. You just have to make a quick search on these channels with keywords like “Digital Marketing Jobs”, “Social Media Jobs”, “Social Media Jobs in India”, “Facebook Marketing” etc., and you will come across some highly active groups for the same.


I hope this article on writing a Social Media Marketing Resume has been of help to you to prepare for your upcoming social media marketing job interview. I also hope that the social media manager resume templates shared in this article will help you create a winning resume for social media marketing jobs!

Whether you want to build a social media marketing manager resume, social media strategist resume or social media executive resume, you can use these same templates. If you have any queries, please let me know in the comments section below. I will be happy to address the same.

You can also take references from these creative resume templates.

Image Credits:,,

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