Salary of Social Media Marketing Professionals in India: Complete Analysis

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Social Media Marketing Salary

Social Media Marketing is one of the most important areas of Digital Marketing. The element of creativity, the direct reach of social media channels to the customers, new technology and features’ development, consistent career growth and one of the best salaries in the Industry make social media marketing a very lucrative career option for the young graduates and marketing enthusiasts. In this post, you will learn about the Social Media Marketing Salary component about different Social Media Job Profiles in the Indian context. Salary of a social media manager depends upon many factors, which we will discuss in this article later on.

As of July 13, 2017, India with 241 million active users, has already overtaken the United States to become Facebook’s number one country. And this number will keep on growing. Indians are increasingly adopting the different social media channels. And as the number of Indians on social media keeps on growing, the demand for social media professionals to reach out to such a large user base will also grow.

Let us discuss different social media hierarchies and job profiles and respective social media marketing salary component for the same in the next section.

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Average Social Media Expert Salary in India

Here is a diagram by showing the average social media expert or average social media salary in India:

Social Media Marketing Salary

Average Social Media Marketing Salary in India as per Payscale.

Social Media Marketing Jobs Salary

In this section, we will discuss Social Media Marketing Jobs Salary. Here is an in-depth infographic by, wherein they have shared hierarchies of different social media job profiles at Junior level, Middle level, and Senior level. Don’t worry, we will discuss the core job profiles and respective salaries after this infographic:

Social Media Marketing Salary

Social Media Jobs Hierarchy

3 Core Social Media Job Profiles and Respective Salaries

Here are 3 core social media jobs profiles and their respective average salaries:

  1. Social Media Executive

    This is an entry level social media marketing position and apt for the freshers right out of the colleges. It is up to the individual to do a social media marketing course or not.

    While social media certification from a reputed training institute like Digital Vidya certainly gives you an edge over the others, at the same time it is not necessary as a hard and fast rule. The most important requirement at this level is a passion for excelling in this field and a drive to learn social media marketing while in the job.

    At this level, you will be expected to do tasks like creating reports, analyzing social media data, running contests, helping in social media content creation etc.

    Average Social Media Marketing Salary (in Rupees) at this level can be anywhere from 15,000/month to 25,000/month. There are lots of jobs at this level.

  2. Social Media Administrator/Specialist/Account Manager

    Once you get an experience of 2 to 3 years as a Social Media Executive, you can get a promotion within the same organization or get hired by some other company as a Social Media Administrator or a Social Media Specialist or a Social Media Account Manager. Just the 3 different names for the same role.

    As a  Social Media Administrator you are expected to create social media content, execute and optimize social media campaigns, run social media ads, generate leads and sales organically as well as through ads. Generating new ideas, coordinating with internal design and web development teams etc., are part of this job. If you work for some digital marketing or a social media marketing agency, then you will be called as a social media account manager, wherein you will have to handle particular accounts (i.e. clients) and manage their day-to-day social media marketing activities.

    The average Social Media Administrator Salary or the average social media account manager salary (in Rupees) in India, can be anywhere from 25,000/month to 35,000/month.

  3. Social Media Manager/Team Leader

    Once you have experience of 4 to 6 years executing different social media marketing campaigns, you get promoted as a Social Media Manager wherein your responsibility to get the things done by your team members. You become a team leader.

    As a leader, you are supposed to create a concrete plan and day-to-day tactics which your team can execute. You are also responsible for creating content calendars, campaign structures and so on. If you work in a digital marketing agency or a social media marketing agency, then pitching the prospective clients (in tandem with the sales team) to handle their social media tasks is also your responsibility.

    The average salary of social media manager in India can be anywhere from 40,000/month to 100,000/month depending upon your experience, and the organization you work for. While the average social media manager salary is around $48,218 per annum (or Rs. 31,00,000/annum as per the current Rs-$ exchange!) in the USA.

I have kept it very simple, to add just three profiles to show how you can grow in the social media marketing space.

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One generic advice I would like to share with you that, although we are discussing social media marketing salary in this article, still from the career point of view every social media marketer should develop other digital marketing skills too, to survive in the industry and become more useful for the organization you work for. Your goal professionally, as a social media marketer should be to ultimately to become Digital Marketing Head. And for that, you will have to develop skill sets in the all the different areas of Digital Marketing (these essential skills are shown in the diagram below, courtesy:

Social Media Marketing Salary

Social Media Marketers should develop all these skills

Learning these skills will ensure that you will keep on growing in your career. And since Digital Marketing works best in combination with traditional marketing, so if you integrate your social media marketing and digital marketing efforts with traditional marketing and business goals, you will get great results in addition to learning traditional marketing too. This may help you to grow further in your career as a comprehensive marketer. That is to say, that you do not work in silos but think comprehensively as a marketer to get the best possible results for your company using the best possible tools and mediums.


I am sure this article will definitely help you understand various aspects of social media marketing salary in India. This will also help you to make a decision whether you want to be a part of this industry or not. Apart from the salary slab of Social Media Marketing, you should also know about digital marketing salary.

Learn more about the social media marketing career opportunities. If you have any queries, please ask in the comment box below. My best wishes!

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