Oriflame India’s Brand Promotion and Revenue Generation via Social Media Marketing

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oriflame_logoAbout Oriflame

Oriflame India is known for selling high-quality skincare products, toiletries, fragrances and color cosmetics. It also gives a business opportunity to people who want to fulfill their dreams. The Tagline of the company is Look Great. Make Money. Have Fun.

Oriflame’s Business Objectives

Business Objective’s Oriflame India wanted to achieve through Social Media Marketing were:

  • To make the brand visible on social media
  • Acquire  new consultants and motivate the existing consultants to do more business
  • Provide  platform to the existing consultants to promote their products and make their voice heard

Strategy Adopted by Oriflame India was to

The strategy adopted for Consultants was

  1.  Make fans either to buy Oriflame products through consultants or become consultants themselves
  2. Offer  tips on   make-over, make up, fashion and skin care etc   through various campaigns
  3.  Position Aakriti Kochar as the Beauty Expert and  promote the brand with  help of the Brand Ambassador
  4. Promote popular products, discounts and  products in high demand
  5. Emphasize on“Look Great. Make Money. Have Fun.”
  6. Engage them through posts, contests, events and apps so that they grow
  7. Leverage the online presence in on-ground events through  live-tweet, social games and apps
  8. Circulating Oriflame news

The strategy adopted for Customers was

Promoting the brand with Sonali Bendra (Bollywood Actress) so that the fans are converted into consultants by providing them value through information related to beauty , fashion and cosmetics.

Social Media Marketing  platforms that were leveraged by Oriflame India were:


Oriflame India used Facebook largely  as a visual medium  which worked well for them  in  sharing images of  brand ambassador Sonali Bendre, products, models  and official make-up consultant Aakriti Kochar among others.


It was a  recurrent and engaging medium for fans who are Smartphone savvy and expect constant engagement. It was  also an excellent medium to generate organic virality on an ongoing basis. Twitter provided speedy conversations with the relevant audience.


Content was created for consultants in the form of videos and required repeat viewings. Event videos that showcased them  living the “Look Great. Make Money. Have Fun.” mantra was a starting point for converting fans into consultants.

Discussion forums and bloggers’ network:

Helped active searchers find relevant products. It also helped them to answer queries regarding beauty and skin car which increased  the Share of Voice (SoV) and hence enhancing the brand salience.

Results Achieved by Oriflame India were

1. Oriflame India organized “The Perfect Look contest” which was about choosing the perfect make-up shades for an imaginary character. The character used had different names with different dress-ups like Sweet Pinky , Elegant Esha  and Alluring Deepaika . The theme and the dress of the character were changed every week along with their dressing. For instance one of the situation was “Sweet Pinky needs your help as she is ready to go out for  date in her short dress but she is confused about her make -up. Help her out by choosing the right make up.”

To answer the fans had to share the right combination of nail paint lipstick, eye-shadow and eye liner.

This contest got tremendous amount of response with 2225 views and 339 comments on tabs in four weeks. Apart from this the fans participated with enthusiasm and solved queries with subjective answers. The above engagement and people taking about the brand showed a positive trend

2. Oriflame India organized “City Glam Girl” which was an activity in malls where girls were given a make over with Oriflame Studio Artist and a personal photo shoot. After that Images of 60 beautiful girls were shortlist and uploaded on the Facebook and users had to vote to select the City Glam Girl.

The benefits offered to winner of the contest was a makeover session by the Beauty Expert followed by a portfolio shoot and an  interview on Radio City as the City Glam Girl. The winner would get  featured in Oriflame India’s Quarterly Newsletter which reached  more than 1 lakh Oriflame consultants.

This contest got huge response from Oriflame users and consultants and was promoted all over in social media with 6316 tab views.

3. Oriflame India promoted Ask Aakriti

Aakriti Kochar the official Beauty Expert of Oriflame India was promoted on Facebook where a Facebook page was created which featured a beauty tip that was published by her every week. Fans were encouraged to ask her any beauty related questions for which she replied.

The result was that the Oriflame India could build credibility emotional connect and trust with fans since the required expertise was provided for the fans.


  • Oriflame India’s  business objective  to make the brand visible and  acquire  new consultants and motivate the existing consultants to do more business was a huge success as  the strategy used by them involved traditional( offline) marketing with digital marketing
  • To reach their target audience and develop an emotional connect with them they have used social media platform ( Facebook, Twitter , YouTube etc) in an appropriate way
  •  The contests organized by them were engaging and  catered to the right audience which is a very important factor to achieve success through social media platforms
  • Audience always had something to look  up as some gratification was given to audience  in all their promotion through social media platforms

Photo Credits: Oriflame

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