8 Vital Social Media Marketing Tips for Startups

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The big startup stories from Airbnb over Uber prove it: Without proper marketing, the best product does not help. Without great marketing, these companies would not stand where they stand today. However, what makes these startup successes unite is a great social media strategy. New businesses create trust in their customers through their social media presences and long-term relationships. Looking for the most valuable social media marketing tips? I will explain to you in this blog post what tips you should consider for your social media for startup business. Let’s get started Social Media Marketing Tips for Startups!

Social Media Marketing for Startups

Whether Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest – where you are best in the social network, determines your target group.

These eight tips ensure your survival in the thick social media jungle. Here your social media startups tips!

1) Good Plan / First Social Media Strategy, then Social Media Profile!

The accounts for the various platforms, whether Facebook or Pinterest, are created quickly. But stop – not too hasty! First, think about what goals you want to achieve with your startup through social media. As with all your business: Keep the focus on your value proposition!

Which business would you like to see on the web? What is your target group? Whether it’s a playful, casual approach to your community or rather a matter-of-fact approach you need a
fixed orientation here.

It is not that you can deviate from this line now and then. In the overall view, however, your social media presence must give a coherent picture. Consistency is the core requirement of the item in social media marketing.

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2) Sign Up / Be where your customers are!

Now comes the social media profile. Or more. But which one? Always those who use your target group.

We can take a look at the colorful landscape of Web 2.0. The Indian social media landscape looks like this:

What stands out quite clearly is the dominant position of Facebook in India. Besides, Twitter, Instagram, and Co. play a stronger role especially if you think in international dimensions.

3) Be Active / Stay Active and Post Regularly!

If your pages stay empty for weeks, your customers will inevitably ask whether your business is doing well or quickly lose interest in your startup. Regular posting is therefore necessary. This is not only a strategic approach but also a content plan.

If you run a social media channel, you can be sure that there is one thing: different customer questions. Positive. Negative. Which related to the product or the company. Those who have nothing to do with your startup. And also spam.

Quickly responding to these questions, complaints or requests (sometimes even orders) is a must. In the social media world, it is inexcusable to wait for the answer to a question (if at all). Even if you can not answer immediately, you can leave your (potential) customer a short message or a reference to respond to a particular time window. It does not have to be a 24/7 service it is also sufficient to specify “opening times” in the profiles.

4) Be Social / Enter into dialogue with your fans!

Even if the social media of some companies often seems so: Communication is not a one-way street! If your postings are hardly responded, little liked, shared and commented, this is not your fans. It is very often a one-way communication.

Mostly in connection with very impersonal web appearances. People tend to talk with other people rather than with a brand. The key to better customer service via social media is: to be personal, to be human, to be empathic! For example, you can engage in dialogue by encouraging fans to do specific actions:


You can also post questions to the community and get your feedback. Or you can show off a personal page by just adding a small “mfg” to your comments. Sometimes such tips are simple but particularly useful.

Wanna know more about good social media communication? Buffer has compiled an excellent guide for customer support via social media.

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5) Be Mobile / Optimize for Mobile Devices!

Mobile solutions are now an indispensable part of any digital marketing strategy. Almost 90% of all 16 to 24-year-olds use smartphones for mobile Internet access. And the trend is even clearer. Optimized web and social media pages are therefore mandatory.

6) Be Unique / Own Creative Content!

The meaning of visual content is higher than never before. This is already apparent in the increments of Instagram, Snapchat or Vine. Visual content tailored to the target group characterizes the social media of tomorrow. Just think about all the company tweets that disappear in digital nirvana, because they tangle, boring and irrelevant content.

This is why you should offer something to your community. Something that stays in your head. Just like this example:

Do you know what this posting points to? If not, the answer is below!

7) Be Useful / Be helpful to your Customers!

Of course, the social media posting is not just about the fun, but it is to provide for your startup so synonymous added value. So do not just put on funny pics and like generators like popular videos, but also post something useful to your fans.

8) Opportunity / Use the opportunities that arise. Use trends.

Sometimes the established companies also show up: they have demonstrated that you have to expect more real-time marketing in the future. Freshly emerging trends are picked up for original postings.

KitKat did it right and just used Apple’s #BendGate scandal for a funny posting:

Over 27,000 retweets, over 13,000 times favored. This is a thousand times what the Twitter page of KITKAT achieves (between 10 and 50 retweets per tweet)!

How to grow Social Media following?

Follow all eight Social Media Marketing Tips for Startups! Spontaneously responding to trends is of particular importance in the social web for the greatest possible viral effect. You do not have to jump on every trendline (Memes, Selfies, BitStrips, Flappy Bird – the list is endless), but if you find a trend that suits you, use it! I hope that you found my blog ‘Social Media Marketing Tips for Startups’  both valuable and informative.

Happy Social Networking!

Image Credits: We Are Social, Freeletics, Nutella, and KitKat!


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