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Social Media: Space for everybody

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Today, Let’s rewind our lives back to the epoch of the 90’s where people do have businesses, factories or small and medium enterprises which were overshadowed or dominated by rich people or big dealers, big companies or high profile people. That time, only few large industries were up there where people around and communities tend to depend on their services, their merchandise or goods you can pronounce.

Now, let’s forward to current scenario. Today, everybody share equal space with online world, empowering each and every individual. This online presence has given every individual the right and freedom to speak, share and comment on issues and the world read their views.

Now, this is why we cherish Social Media since it has given space to not just big industries, or money men, but also to local businesses, local communities and societies, a commoner to politicians even.

You do recognize the strength of web presence. Today, politicians are stupendously leveraging the online space for their campaigning and it’s hitting high up for them.

Take the example of Narendra Modi or Arvind Kejriwal’s campaign, you search out their web presence and can find that they have acquired every space of web and have leveraged every aspect of the web. Even Aam Aadmi Party has been successful to receive their funds by reaching out to people online. During Vidhan Sabha elections in Delhi, AAP received more than Rs 50 Crore from their online presence only.

Now, see the effectiveness of the social media space. And here, the space is not solely limited to high profile industrialists or people, a commoner or a local politician share the same place too.

Today, social media has given equal space and equal opportunity to everybody, same presence, same rule and same space.

But, where the difference comes in?

It’s in the utilization of that space, the effective methodologies implemented by society vary from people to people & here is where the whole difference lies.

Immediately, having stated that the intent of this post is to aware you about the opportunities present in the online place. It’s all about how you leverage it.

So, today it doesn’t matter who you are, what business you manage, struggling or emerged, leading a local enterprise or large corporations, what does matter is to leverage that space and how to make space for yourself in this giant-space.

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    • 5 years ago

      Siva Krishna Kota   /   Reply

      Things are not the same now with the online presence. Social Media created a level-playing field for every one and the outcome depends on how we leverage the best out of it.

    • 5 years ago

      Hemanchi   /   Reply

      Hey rishab i completely agree with your views about social media and i think with the growing trends in social media, the number of companies using social media as a tool of promoting their brand has also increased and this has eventually created great career opportunities in Social Media Marketing.

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