Don’t Miss Out On These 9 Stellar Social Media Tips For Bloggers

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If you are a blogger, then you will agree that blogging DOES NOT get enough love sometimes. The reasons for lack of affection are many but one that certainly stands out amongst the rest is that there are way too many bloggers out there publishing content on similar industries. Since the supply is more and often unfiltered, top quality blogs seldom get noticed and achieve rightful recognition.

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Don’t you agree? Yes, but do you also know that blogs are the 5th most trusted source for accurate online information? This wasn’t possible in the early days of inbound marketing when there was much emphasis on either academic content or the printed text.

Moreover, business blogging is on the rise with more and more marketers prioritizing on the same to achieve a better ROI on their efforts. So no matter which industry you function in or what you write about, you have to make sure your blogs live up to the hype! Simply churning out copious amounts of blogs and posting them on social media doesn’t make any sense.

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9 Stellar Social Media Tips For Bloggers

Without further ado, let me share 9 stellar social media tips with you to enable you to use the digital platform in your blog’s best interest and to drive your blog’s revenue. Have a read:

1.) Start a Facebook page for your blog already

Well – this is the most common social media tip that anyone is bound to give you if you tell them you run a blog. Of course, having a Facebook business page does make a difference! If you are looking to draw revenue from your blogs at some point in time, then this is a viable option indeed!

Since Facebook pages are public, you don’t really need to add potential readers in your friend list for them to see your blog post updates. One can simply follow the page and gain access to your blog updates right on their timeline.Wizgo facebook page

This increased exposure to readership definitely gives a boost to your website traction, as the engagement is spread across the globe and not restricted to just a specific demographic or community. Moreover, you can even run Ads to gain more visibility. Having a Facebook page will give you and your blog a solid sense of credibility.

2.) Syndicate content with StumbleUpon

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you would be well aware of the popularity of StumbleUpon. It is a discovery engine that finds and recommends personalized web content to its user base of 25 million people. Founded in 2001, it is quite a hit amongst B2B and B2B digital marketers and is said to generate more traffic than Facebook – and we have the stats (that go back to 2011) to prove you. Imagine its reach!



According to StatCounter, StumbleUpon is one of the best traffic generators among top 7 social media sites such as Facebook, Reddit, YouTube and Twitter – and that is why we have included it in the social media tips for bloggers. More than 80,000 brands and businesses have accounts on StumbleUpon to engage with their audience on a larger scale.

As mentioned before, it has a special place in the content marketing strategies of smaller businesses – both B2B and B2C – to gain website traction and boost brand visibility. As far as bloggers are concerned, one can start by making a free account on this discovery platform.

The way this platform functions is rather easy. The users randomly search for new content on a topic of their interest. If your blog is already up on StumbleUpon, then more number of users can “stumble upon” your piece of content. If they like what they read, they may even subscribe to your blog and visit your blog through organic search!

So don’t waste time – just make a free account and experiment with it for a couple of months. Do capitalize on this great discovery platform to get more traffic and boost engagement.

3.) Find ways to make your social posts more personal

Don’t be robotic when you write social media posts. People don’t want to read the headline of your blog in your status update. You have to engage them with the use of right words. Integrate a bit of your personality in those social posts. How will people enjoy reading your blog posts if they don’t like how you present your blogs on social media? This is harsh, but true!personal social media post

If your audience is on Twitter, use the right hashtags and make sure your thoughts fit right in the 140-character limit. 94% of people who share blog posts on social media do so because they think it might be helpful to others. Are your social posts implying that?

4.) Share content where your audience is looking for

Posting on all social media channels is wise, but not giving importance to that platform which gives you maximum fan following is foolish! According to an article on B2C Community, B2B marketers and businesses would flock to Twitter to get their information.

Digital Marketing Course by Digital Vidya

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If you are operating in a B2C industry, then Facebook is the right option for you – as it undoubtedly has the largest base of 1.86 billion monthly active users (as of Q4 2016). Similarly, if your blogs are more visual in nature, then Instagram and Pinterest are the right platforms.

5.) Optimize each social post with great images

Do you know that blog posts with images get 43% more views than those without any visuals? Earlier seen as a distraction, images have finally found their place in any content marketing strategy. According to a Social Media Examiner report, 71% of marketers use visual assets – in the form of GIF, videos, photos etc. –  in their content.The Next Web

Thankfully today, you don’t need to be a pro at photoshop or any other technical image editing tool. Canva, PicMonkey and Pablo among other online tools have made it quite simple for writers, bloggers and marketers from all backgrounds and experience to master visual editing.

Create feature images, customized in-text images, quotes, etc. and see how quickly your blog traction increases! It is never too late to prettify your blog content. No wonder – optimizing with images is a solid social media tip for bloggers!canva

6.) Invest on paid ads for your best blogs

Your blog posts are meant to be shared. And if you are producing content that you feel isn’t worth advertising, then step back to tweak your blogging strategy. The point is there is so much content out there in the market that your posts can easily be missed.

So to avoid that, please make sure you do paid Facebook ads or even Sponsored LinkedIn InMails if your audience is mostly present there. 70-80% of bloggers and marketers ignore paid ads and only focus on organic results. That’s fine but paid ads can be equally rewarding.

7.) Follow and engage with other blogs on social media

Why not? Don’t be afraid to interact with your competition. It is extremely important to be aware of the kind of activities they are doing on their social media. Follow them. Analyze their posts and content material. Take notes and apply those strategies yourself. Your learning should never stop.

You never know you and your competition might collaborate and create something that is far more rewarding and valuable than something you may create on your own!

8.) Use your social media followers as a focus group

Absolutely! While content writing is mostly associated with secondary research, nothing can really beat the worth of primary research. No matter which industry you are from, writing content using real-time insights and inputs provided by your own audience is actually valuable.twitter_social_media_followers

And since all of them are on social media, why can’t you make full use of it? On Twitter, you can do a Twitter Chat or hold a Poll. On Facebook, you can do a small contest or simply start a Q&A on the timeline itself. The same strategy can be applied on LinkedIn.

So you see – your social media followers can be an excellent resource. Never underestimate their value. With that, let us move to our last social media tip for bloggers.

9.) Be consistent with your social posting

Yes! If you have reached an amazing fan following on Facebook or Twitter, it doesn’t mean you become lazy or inactive with your social posting. Instead, you must work harder to ensure you keep those people engaged to your page and blog posts. Therefore, you should be consistent. Schedule posts on all platforms a day prior, if need media sharing at right time

Don’t assume your followers would never unfollow your page. They will if you don’t engage them or you don’t share something new with them on a regular basis.

Do these social media tips for bloggers make any sense to you? Hope so! Blogging is an art but sharing on social media is all marketing. And if you become a pro in that, then there’s no limit to what you can achieve with your blog. Good luck!

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Vanhishikha is the content marketer at Wigzo, which is a smart marketing automation and personalization tool for marketers. Usually found digging up customer engagement tactics, you can find her on Twitter anytime for a quick discussion.

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