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Social Media Updates That You Should Know About

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If you are a marketer, you need to keep yourself fine-tuned about all the latest social media updates for creating strategic social media plan for success. You need to make sure that you are aware about the latest changes on various social media platform so that you allocate your time and efforts appropriately.

Social Media Updates

Social Media Trends

So, in this post, we will cover all the latest social media updates that can affect your social media strategy for upcoming months.

Social Media Updates on Facebook:

1. Cover Videos

From Facebook’s point of view, cover videos are Facebook’s latest change in order to allow brands to better tell their stories. Cover videos are amazing for audience engagement, something that Facebook seems to like a lot, for obvious reasons.

2. Record GIFs within the App

This update on Facebook allows mobile users to record live GIFs using the camera feature. Though these GIFs can last only a few seconds, one can add effects and frames to it.

3. Closed Captions for Facebook Live

Facebook has added closed captions on live broadcasts so as to enable those who are hard of hearing, or deaf. This social media update has been termed as among the most important because it allows the engagement of a certain group of individuals. This is one of those social media updates which seems to be wholesome on Facebook’s part.

4. Updated Ads Manager

One of the things that the Ads manager lacked was proper creative control in the hands of the marketer. With the updated Ads manager, Facebook seems to have overcome the problem. This social media marketing update is of paramount importance for online marketers.

There is a new workflow which lets the marketers create a draft campaign of their ads, without actually having to add ad sets.

Another thing that comes with the updated Ads manager is the added ability to review confirm changes that you make in your adverts. This is to ensure that your final ad meets all your expectations, without any compromise.

There is also an added feature where you can integrate charts and activity history from Power Editor. With this social media update, Facebook has inched one more step closer to becoming an all integrated marketing platform. Marketers won’t have to shuffle between services anymore.

5. Rounded Profile Picture

In a major update in August, Facebook has shifted to rounded profile pictures. Though rolled out in August, this update has become widespread only recently. A memo on the update claims that this change has been made to make page profiles more engaging to the users.

Previously, one could see that profile pictures on personal profiles as well as page profiles were shaped to be square. However, now these will be visible in a rounded manner.

Social Media Updates on Twitter

1. A New in-App Video Feature:

The updated Twitter features a new in-app video feature which allows users to directly upload videos without having to go through a third-party application. This social media update on Twitter drives up user engagement while increasing the stickiness of the app.

2. New Layout:

In the month of June, Twitter completely revamped its desktop site and mobile app to turn around growth trends on the website in its favor. A few of the most important changes could be seen in the form of a decluttered UI. Other major changes include:

  • Real time count on replies, re-tweets and likes.
  • Clearer typography and iconography.
  • Profile pictures are now round instead of square.

3. New “Moments” Feature

Social media updates are rarely as important as this one. ‘Moments’ is a feature first introduced by Twitter in 2015. It lets the users see curated tweets about a specific topic at a single place. This translates to an opportunity for marketers to connect with and engage their audience. It doesn’t matter whether you use your own content or use other people’s content on the platform, one can easily make a shareable Moment to tell a narrative.

Moments present a great opportunity for users to get discovered and shared on Twitter. Making this content open for publishing is a very good decision on Twitter’s behalf and a very good news for marketers who are looking to get more user audience engagement.

4. More Characters to Reply

Previously, Twitter users had to @mention the twitter handle of the person they wanted to reply too. This ate away a few of the precious 140 characters. In order to give users a little bit more wiggle room, Twitter has integrated this function directly into the reply button.

5. Safer Direct Messages

If a user receives DMs from users they don’t follow, they have the option to either approve or deny the contact request. Users are also provided with the option to report the message if the content is inappropriate.

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Instagram Social Media Updates

1. Instagram Stories for Desktop

Up until now, Instagram stories were a strict mobile-only feature. However now, Instagram stories will soon be available for the desktop and web versions of the Internet’s favorite photo sharing platform.

Social Media Updates

Instagram Stories for Desktop

This social media update by Instagram which allows for stories for desktop is a great opportunity for marketers to spread their stories a little bit further. These social media updates benefit marketers a lot.

In addition to being able to view stories on the desktop and mobile versions, you will also be able to directly upload stories from mobile web versions of the site. However, this feature isn’t yet available for desktop versions of the site.

2. Monitor Instagram Engagement from Facebook

Social Media Updates

Monitor Instagram Engagement from Facebook

A lot of marketers find it simpler to be able to supervise various aspects of their marketing campaign through a single platform. Instagram and Facebook have come one step closer to this. Marketers can now monitor Instagram engagement through Facebook! It is possible to review and engage the comments, all through the Facebook desktop version. This comes as a huge advantage for marketers.

3. Threaded Comments

Social Media Updates

Threaded Comments

Instagram is finally rolling out threaded comments on its mobile app. Prior to this update, all comments were posted straight down, in one line. This would result in broken and disjointed online conversation due to certain situations.

However, now there will be threaded comments, wherein one can reply to individual comments, even if they are a reply to an original comment. Though this update seems to be insignificant to most, it is of immense importance for marketers. You can answer audience questions in a quick manner have a better bonding, and also create stronger customer loyalty. This update makes it immensely easier for marketers to communicate and engage with their audience.

4. Replay Live Videos for 24 Hours

It was just a few updates ago that users of Facebook and Instagram were gifted with the option to broadcast live videos. While this certainly did help marketers engage their audiences, this update will do a better job.

This update on Instagram allows users to share their live videos as their stories with one simple touch.

This means that users will be able to rewind your videos if they miss something. The stories social media update on Instagram is full-screen, and thus demands full attention from the user. This translates to better user engagement.

5. New Face Filters

In May, Instagram announced the addition of new face filters. They announced a total of eight filters, which include animal features, glasses, and quite a few types of crowns. These filters can be used when you click pictures/videos, etc. using both your front or back camera.

6. New Hashtag and Location Stories on Instagram

Instagram now allows users to tag their posts with location and allows stories to be viewed using the hashtag search. This provides the advertisers with the added advantage of collecting data.

Social Media Updates on LinkedIn

1. LinkedIn Video

Being able to establish a connection with the users comes only with being able to establish good paths of communication. Marketing on LinkedIn became a whole lot better, because they have added the feature of LinkedIn video. According to an official blog post, this social media update is one of the ways to share ideas, learn from others and jump start new conversations.

2. LinkedIn Active Status on Messenger

LinkedIn introduced the active status on LinkedIn messaging. This has been done to let you see when your connections are available. LinkedIn is all about making connections, and this cannot be done without starting a new conversation. Sometimes, you are confused as regards what a good time is when trying to make a connection by, maybe introducing yourself. After this social media update, you get to see who is online and who is not.

Social Media Updates

LinkedIn Active Status on Messenger

If you see a green dot next to someone’s profile picture on LinkedIn, it means that they are online now, and that it might be a good time to initiate a conversation.

If you see a green dot with a white circle in the middle, it means that that person is online only on mobile.

3. Managing Comments of Your Post

Comments on a post are one of the best ways to share your perspectives with the world. They do a lot in order to extend the reach of your posts on LinkedIn. However, LinkedIn also lets the user have control over the comments of a post, and has therefore given the user the option to disable comments on their posts.

In addition to this, the user can also remove mentions of themselves from comments or posts where they’re been tagged. This option is being given because there are situations where you’ve been tagged on a post/comment but don’t wish to engage in the discussion.

4. Post Multiple Pictures on Single Post

LinkedIn now allows users to post multiple images on a single post. This is being done because LinkedIn understands that there are some moments where a single picture is just not enough to engage the audience in the experience. At the moment, this feature is available only on iOS devices, with the Android version and desktop updates coming out soon.

5. New Blogging Interface

Now, you can share a draft of your new blog post without having to publish it. There are times when you write a blog post, but you’re feeling iffy about it. These are the occasions where one should consider the opinions of one’s colleagues, mentors, friends, etc.

With this new update, you can share the draft of your LinkedIn blog post with anyone just by clicking on the “share draft” button. The draft can be seen only by those people who you share it with.

6. New search features

In January, LinkedIn came out with an updated search feature. Now, there is a single search box at the top of the LinkedIn page where you should search the people, jobs, companies, schools, groups, etc. that you are looking for.

This update also added five new power search features there. They are:

  • First Name: This power search feature finds members based on their first name.
  • Last name: This power search feature finds members based on their last name.
  • Title: This power search feature finds members based on their current title.
  • Company: This power search feature finds members based on their current company.
  • School: This power search feature finds members based on schools that they’ve attended.

7. New Profile Picture Filters

In March, LinkedIn introduced photo filters and editing options. Your profile picture is one of things that people notice first when they visit your profile. A good profile picture is therefore necessary for increased visibility on LinkedIn. However, you need not hire a photographer for your profile picture. LinkedIn allows the user to make changes to their pictures using six filters that have been made available. One can also choose to crop the picture, and edit its brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.

8. Images in Comments

LinkedIn will now allow users to post images in comments. Images are seen as an extremely effective way to communicate with the audience. This update was welcomed by all users alike, and especially marketers, because of the implications it has for their marketing campaigns.

Latest Social Media Updates on YouTube

1. Turn Videos to GIF

In a world where attention span of users is getting lower and lower every day, it is to be understood that GIFs are the language of the internet now. It is one thing to share a video but a whole another thing to share a highlight of the video as a GIF. YouTube now makes it possible for users to convert videos to GIFs at the click of a button. However, this option is available only when the author of the video has enabled GIF creation.

2. Live Video Streaming

Following the footsteps of many Internet giants such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., YouTube finally released an social media update which facilitates live video streaming within the app. Live video streaming is becoming an increasingly popular way of sharing information, and getting word across.

That YouTube now allows users to broadcast live videos is good news for marketers. This will help a lot of people get their word across, while being to broadcast their happenings, live.

3. YouTube Community

Social Media Updates

YouTube Community

YouTube understands the importance of user connectivity with marketers. For this, they have created something called ‘YouTube Community’. The community tab enables marketers to post images, text, videos, etc. while other users can discuss each item if they want to.

4. Messaging and Share Features in App

With this social media update, users can share videos, and chat with each other without having to leave the app. Generally, YouTube videos are shared through social networking sites, personal messaging apps, etc. This update allows users to share content within the app. This might improve YouTube’s user retention.

5. Flexible Format for Mobile

This update works only on the mobile app of YouTube and adapts the aspect ratio of any video, irrespective of whether it is filmed vertically or horizontally. This has been done to improve the technical quality of the videos, so as to engage a wider audience. This flexible format might attract content creators and other brands on YouTube.

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Social Media Updates on Pinterest

1. Promoted Videos

Pinterest understands the importance of videos in user engagement. In fact, there was a 60% increase in the videos being added to the platform. Promoted videos is a feature that allows brands and companies to create engaging videos, and pay Pinterest to promote them. It is basically a paid way of marketing, but is very effective.

2. Ad Groups

With this update, Pinterest now allows advertisers to group their advertisement campaigns. Pinterest ad groups give the advertiser/marketer much more control over how they budget their campaigns. This new feature allows marketers to choose the kind of money they’d like to spend on certain regions, and better target certain audience groups.

3. Taste Graph for Enhanced Targeting

Taste graph for enhanced targeting is an example of your data being analyzed to produce better targets for marketers. Taste graphs play a role in basically personalizing advertisements for users. By understanding the tastes and preferences of users by analyzing their activity on the website/app, the Pinterest Taste Graph connects the people to the ideas that are just right for them. This is very good news for marketers, because this means that there will be better audience targeting, which translates to a better conversion rate.

4. New Measurement Solutions

With this, Pinterest provides marketers much needed information about their audience. Pinterest marketers can now avail the services of any measurement solutions, in order to be better connected with their target audience.

5. Lens Feature

This simple social media update on Pinterest lets you use your phone camera to identify a variety of things, ranging from clothing, food, decor, etc. For example, if you point your camera at a leather jacket, you’ll get to see similar styles on Pinterest or get ideas on how to wear the jacket.

Through the latest updates on social media, Pinterest has doubled the types of objects that Lens can recognize. The camera that Lens uses has also been updated, now providing better, clearer images.


Now that you know about all the social media updates then how are you going to use social media for your business? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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