Social Selling: An Opportunity To Grow Your Business- Webinar Recording

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It is no hidden fact that social selling is the new trend in the consumer market that is aimed at maximizing sales by catering to the online audience. The social media has become a part of our everyday lives. Also, Social Media and social networks are becoming vital sources for prospecting, lead generation, client engagement, and providing service.

Let’s just say that the marketers today are inclined to exploit the most popular mass media to grow their business opportunity. No matter what your business is, your potential customer is probably scrolling one of the social media channels at present.

In this webinar, Kiruba Shankar, CEO, Business Blogging, talks in detail about the strategies that can be employed to increase the business Pipeline, Forecast Accuracy, Sales win rate and revenue.

Key Takeaways

  • The Digital media gives you an ability to target the desired audience. It allows you to choose between micro target, on the basis of various factors like age group, behavior, etc.
  • The social selling provides you with a high level of customization which is not possible in traditional selling. 
  • The customisation feature enables you to pick the audience that is best suited as per your business’s theme.
  • Ensure you are a person other person wants to engage in. Increase your engagement by keeping your profile public.
  • Take it without saying, great content is the best sales tool. Attract the audience with interesting facts and figures on the relevant theme.
  • Build engagement with Off-page SEO. People who continuously share/create content have more sales. Employ blogging to its core as a content marketing element.
  • Give free resources. Make some of your services available for free.
  • Make use of the social media channels by joining the conversations on Quora, LinkedIn Twitter, etc.
  • Your research plan must include keeping an eye on the competitor’s activities before you proceed with your own plan.

Do you think the webinar was substantial enough to help you maximize your sales with the help of social selling? If yes, I’m sure you would be looking forward to other webinars. So Register Now!

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  1. Raji

    Well said dude, Nowadays People are buying and selling, goods and services through online. So social media presence is an essential marketing feature to grow our business.


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