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Social Suggestion App Introduced By Hootsuite For iOS & Web

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So many businesses are facing the challenge of finding good content and  providing value to your fans, followers, and friends, and also encouraging engagement with customers by acting as a catalyst for discussion and the building of relationships. The newly launched Hootsuite Labs have come up with a new app to help you save time on content discovery and social media publishing. This new content suggestion app analyzes your posting history on Twitter and suggests articles that are relevant to you, your followers and friends. It then places them into the prime spots within your content calendar for easy editing and publishing.


  1. Manage multiple Social Networks

    it allows you to manage: Twitter,Facebook Profiles, Events, Groups & Pages,LinkedIn Profiles, Pages & Groups, Google+ Pages (currently not personal profiles),Foursquare,Myspace,WordPress blogs,Mixi (Japanese Social Network),Vimeo,, reddit, StumbleUpon, Instagram, edocr, tumblr, evernote, flickr, get Satisfaction, mailchimp, SlideShare, storify (via 3rd party apps) and many more!

  2. Your team could be included in managing your social media

    If you have multiple people managing your business’ social networks or you are sharing the load with an outside social media management business, Hootsuite allows you to delegate responses to different team members. If your team members are located outside of the office, Hootsuite’s messaging feature which allows team members to send private messages to each other.

  3. Helps in managing customer service

    It allows you to store draft messages that can be posted whenever you receive a frequently asked question for example open hours of your business. Service providers love Hootsuite since it allows them to delegate customer messages to different team members and these can be managed overall by an administrator.

  4. It is across all platforms

    Hootsuite works on all browsers and it has a plenty of dedicated apps to help you on the move. One of the impressive things about Hootsuite is the number of networks and apps that it supports. Although posting to multiple networks at once on a regular basis is not advisable, it can be a real time saver for small businesses. It allows you to post a quick update to multiple Twitter accounts, Facebook profile and page, Google+ page, LinkedIn profile, company page, etc. This can be incredibly useful if you need to get an critical message out to your customers in a time of emergency. The scheduling features is a very welcome time saver and also allow you to post to multiple social networks at once.

  5.    Free Reports

    If you mainly use Hootsuite to manage your Social networks, then the weekly analytics report  will be very useful for you. Each week, an email containing a pdf attachment of your click summaries is sent by Hootsuite.                It gives you graphs showing:

    1. Number of clicks per day
    2. Geographical information on the people clicking through
    3. Top referrers
    4. Most popular links


    1.  Expensive

    Initially facility of two free reports are provided with the free version of Hootsuite. This is where it gets complicated. Reports can be bought using points. If you have the Pro plan, each month you will get 50 points to use. Most reports are 45 points which will cost you $50 each time (or $45 for yearly paid) which does not fit into the budget of a small business firm. You get 2 user free per month on the Pro account and then each one up to 10 users is $14.99 per month. If you want more than that, you would have to sign up for Hootsuite enterprise account which will cost you $18,000 a year. One more disadvantage is that your forced to use Owly. Using a custom url shortener will cost  $588.88 per year plus the cost of the domain! You get a mere $49 discount if you pay this in a single installment per year.

    2. One faces too many problems on Facebook

    When posting new content to Facebook, those posts do not track the likes, shares, and comments that were received in Facebook’s Insights analytical data for the particular post. The likes, comments and share can be seen from the front end Wall and Feeds, but the reason for getting them is not recorded in any way by Insights. For a single update it posts the thumbnail and summary which are far more likely to be clicked than ones with just a short text status.  However, if you use the bulk scheduler, Facebook is only going to get the text in a Tweet-like status.

    Social Suggestion App Introduced By Hootsuite For iOS & Web is perfect for big shot corporates, whereas the small businesses have to rely on other alternatives such as tweetdeck, buffer, etc.

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