Sony Max Used Social Media Marketing To Gain 2800 Tweets In Less Than 3 Hours

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download About Sony Max

Sony Max was launched in 1999 and is a part of bouquet of channels distributed by TheOneAlliance, a joint venture between SET Pvt Limited India and Discovery Communications India. It has grown to become India’s No.1 movie channel and provides its viewers the biggest and the best Hindi movies accompanied by special events. It has made inroads into more than 45 million households till now. As with the introduction of extra innings, it changed the rules of the cricket presentation game; similarly, it conceptualized integrating live tweets during the telecast of the movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan and made history.

Sony Max’s Objective

To maintain and retain viewership on the channel immediately after closure of IPL. To keep audience glued to television sets during the telecast of the movie and to create massive buzz and excitement about the movie telecast with integrating live tweets during the telecast of the movie and get prominent personalities start talking.

Strategy Adopted By Sony Max

The topic for discussion on twitter was let open. The announcement about the plan of integrating LIVE tweets on air during the telecast of the movie was made on the channel’s official website and on the Facebook page. The intent was to enhance audience movie watching experience and create first-of-its-kind interactive movie experience.







Results Achieved by Sony Max

  • Sony Max received about 2800 tweets during the movie screening
  • Sony Max added 1500 followers to its twitter handle in a few  hours
  • Uday Chopra’s tweet was retweeted by 155 users and reached an audience of 8.21 people
  • The hashtag #JTJHonMax was trending in India
  • Total reach of 54.84 Lacs


There’s a lot of scope of interactive display of movies or shows which traditionally have remained one side talking. People are ever ready to accept platforms that give voice to their thoughts and this was successfully tapped by Sony Max and in this process it made a special place in the heart of the audience. It has earned for itself new followers and excitement of people across the nation.

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