Sony Pix Used Social Media To Reach 31,000 People Online

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Sony Pix Used Social Media To Reach 31,000 People OnlineAbout  Sony PIX

Sony PIX is one of the most popular English Movie channels in India that telecasts popular Hollywood Blockbuster movies for Indian television viewers. Sony PIX is a part of  the Multiscreen Media Group and occupies  second position, next to Star Movies, in the Indian English movie market.

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Sony PIX’s Business Objectives

The purpose of this campaign is to promote the TV premier of ‘The Amazing Spider-man’ on 16th June 2013 through an integrated digital campaign and to ensure consistent viewership for the movie. The Sony PIX team  to focuses on all age group people to be included in this campaign and make this a  joyful and exciting experience for all participants.

Strategies / Approach Adopted By Sony PIXSony Pix Used Social Media To Reach 31,000 People Online

Encourage participants to acknowledge ‘Amazing’ people in the society for their good deeds and tag them in the ‘Web of Amazing People’. The whole campaign was divided into 3 phases.

The primary objective of Phase 1 was to acknowledge some of the Amazing deeds of Hollywood and philanthropic celebrities.

Approach in Phase 1:

Introduced a Hashtag #PXAmazingPeople on Twitter. This campaign was a trend for the  first two days in India and one day worldwide on Twitter.

In  phase 2 of this campaign, participants were encouraged to take Hollywood relationship as a reference to find out the same kind of amazing relationship around them. The primary objective was to acknowledge the superhero  or ‘Amazing’ qualities of people around.

Approach in Phase 2:

Introduced ‘Web of Amazing People’, a micro- site to show the web of amazing people. Here the participants were encouraged to tag amazing friends of their choice on this micro-site. At first, the participants need to sign up on the micro-site using their Facebook accounts and share the list of Facebook friends to the micro-site automatically. The only thing the participants need to do is to tag amazing friends of their choice appeared on this micro-site. These tagged friends would then receive a Facebook notification with a link to redirect them to the micro-site.

Sony Pix Used Social Media To Reach 31,000 People Online

Apart from this, the participants were asked to answer a simple questionnaire about the movie ‘The Amazing Spider-man’ to enter a lucky draw and win exciting Spiderman merchandise.  This campaign was backed up with extensive television promotions on Sony PIX, social media activities  and digital banners that would motivate people to join the ‘Web of Amazing People’ site. Sony Pix Used Social Media To Reach 31,000 People Online

In the Phase 3 of this campaign, an interactive live game integrated with the micro-site and the telecast of the premier was introduced.  The following steps were included in the phase 3 of this campaign.

  • Spidey codes were flashed at different intervals during the telecast of the premier.
  • Participants need to spot 4 Codes out of them and submit on the campaign site.
  • One lucky winner would get selected from the list of participants who followed the process of tagging and entered all the Spidey tags correctly. This lucky winner was offered a trip to The Amazing Spider-man studio in Los Angeles.

Results Achieved By Sony PIX

  1. The hashtag #PixAmazingPeople, used in the Phase 1 of this campaign to create traffic for the micro-site, was trending for the first two days of the campaign in India and one complete day worldwide.
  2. In ‘Web of Amazing People’ site, more than 31000 people were tagged by the participants.
  3. The hashtag #PixAmazingSpidey was trending during the telecast in India and Worldwide.
  4. More than 750 participants became a part of the live interactive game and submitted their codes.

LearningsSony Pix Used Social Media To Reach 31,000 People Online

  • A social media campaign idea needs to be inspiring and interesting for its targeted participants to make it successful.
  • Engaging more participants is the key to success for any social media marketing campaign.
  • Twitter and Facebook are the best medium to attract maximum number of individual participants as these networks have a larger number of individual users.
  • In B2C campaign, touching emotions of individual participants by way of tagging amazing friends online can make the social media campaign go viral and get more engagements from participants.
  • The company understood that the widest networks of social media sites are the best way to attract maximun attention of people for the promotion of the campaign.
  • Engaging names of celebrities and other famous people in the campaign may improve the coverage to a larger extend and attract more participants.
  • Carefully planned Social media marketing campaign with a sharp focus on the target audience group can bring maximum contribution by particpants.

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