Spangler Candy Used SEO To Achieve 214% Hike In Page Views

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downloadAbout Spangler Candy Company :

Spangler Candy Company is an Ohio based family business which manufactures candies like Lollipops, marshmallows and Candy Canes. Their most popular brands of candies include Saf-T-Pops, Dum Dums, Circus peanuts and Candy Canes. In addition to their own brands, the Spangler Candy Company is also a manufacturer, marketer and supplier of several licensed and branded candies like Smarties, Sweethearts and Jelly belly. The company has built a solid online presence by selling their candies on their online store. They believe in continuous innovation of their candy flavors and varieties. They frequently discontinue few flavors and types of candies in the retail stores; however patrons can buy their old retired flavors on their online store. They also encouraged greater interaction with their target audience i.e mainly kids, by offering tours to their manufacturing facilities in Ohio, Spangler Candy museum & the onsite retail outlets.

Business Objectives of Spangler Candy:

The Spangler Candy Company hired TKG to design their online marketing strategy which mainly focused on content creation and marketing. The success of this strategy gave rise to a new requirement for increasing the page views for their website. The main digital marketing strategy goals of Spangler Candy company were as follows:

  • Leverage the power of online retail to increase the sales of various candies on the websites like SpanglerCandy and DumDumPops.
  • Increase the engagement from their target audience, especially kids on DumDumPops.
  • Elevate the power of the newly developed mobile app to drive traffic to their website.
Strategy/ Approach Adopted By Spangler Candy:

TKG implemented a strategy which clearly focused on the existing highly successful content creation plan devised by them.  In order to increase the page views of their newly developed content, TKG introduced additional content and optimized it via various SEO strategies. The additional and optimized content included detailed product descriptions, interesting videos, and printable pdf games for the target audience which mainly consisted of kids. Furthermore, they also increased social media presence via engaging with their audience on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.  The two way engagement by adding content and engaging with audience created a buzz in the online community for their target customers. Their customers started engaging with the social media activities created by the company, by downloading games, wallpapers and videos designed specifically with a candy theme.

Results Achieved By Spangler Candy:

  A brilliantly designed and executed SEO strategy, in addition to the content marketing strategy produced impressive results as mentioned below:

  • A phenomenal 214% increase in page views  of the interactive pages of DumDumPops.
  • A massive 184% increase in the revenues from mobile traffic.
  • An encouraging 91% increase in the sales on DumDumPops website.

Content is the most important aspect of any digital strategy, however simply content cannot win the digital battle single-handedly. The disciplines of content marketing and SEO can work together and complement each other to increase the sales of retail products. Simply by optimizing the website content for SEO is beneficial in the long run. Also, writing interesting content for the target audience like kids, increasing the visibility and incorporating other media like mobile apps was a three pronged strategy devised by TKG to phenomenally increase the Spangler Candy Company’ s sales.

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