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Speaking At Bank Branch Of The Future Conference In Malaysia On Social Media Marketing

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Digital media is spreading its arms in almost every industry. It also helped various banks in increasing their branches. Wish to know how? Almost all banks have adopted online banking; however, it has not affected the growth of bank branches at street corners. In fact, it helped branches to grow as technology played a backbone for the them.

Bank Branch Of The Future Conference (BBF) 2014 will bring all senior professionals including Chief Executive Officers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Operation Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Managing Director, Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, Assistant Vice Presidents, Regional Directors, Country Heads, Senior Managers, Managers and Heads, at one place to get some insightful learnings and experiences from industry leaders on the future of banking. BBF 2014 is a great opportunity to get along with industry experts and witness discussions from industry leaders on new ideas and learnings, tools and strategies which will give a different direction to banking industry.

Pradeep Chopra, CEO, Digital Vidya is also speaking in BBF 2014 on Social Media Marketing and will share some insights on how social media can be leveraged for customer acquisition. His wide experience of training and advising CEOs across Asia Pacific and Middle East makes him a pioneer of Digital Marketing. His session will cover following takeaways:

  • Few real life case studies where companies leveraged social media for customer acquisition
  • Measuring ROI for customer acquisition
  • Latest updates in social media for customer acquisition

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BBF 2014 will; therefore, help in analyzing the future of branches in banking industry. This event will definitely be one of the insightful events of this industry and will work as an eye opener for a lot of participants. So, meet Digital Vidya at BBF 2014 and learn how social media can leveraged in banking sector.

Below slides were presented by Pradeep during his session in Bank Branch Of The Future Conference In Malaysia, as updated on 16th Oct, 2014:

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