Spinweb Used Inbound Marketing To Increase Its Contacts Database By 350%

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About Spinweb:spinweb

Spinweb is a digital agency, which provides web solutions and digital marketing. Company is specialized in web designing and application development. It is located in Indianapolis Indiana, but serves the entire US market. It not only design websites, but they also inspire clients by enhancing your inbound marketing solutions. Company has a highly skilled team expert in all areas of web designing, SEO, social networking and much more.

Business Objectives of Spinweb:

The main business objective of Spinweb was to gather right kind of lead generation and build strong sales pipelines with sales forecast. Company had been a traditional marketing agency from a decade. Their team collectively had lot of experts, creating content and making marketing strategies for their clients, but they failed to understand which content is working and which is not. They also don’t have a system to communicate their success and achievement, to their customers. Thus Michael Reynolds, president and CEO sought about new marketing strategy, and that was inbound marketing.

Strategies Adopted By Spinweb:

With their old marketing strategy company was unable to track their basic metrics, however they were using Google analytics, but it was not enough. Initially for lead generation they were depended on blog subscription or “contact us” form. These tool were unable to bring enough web traffic, which Spinweb was looking for. So they adopted the following strategies.

  1. They started giving offer for prospects at each state of marketing and used landing pages to capture contact information of leads, who were looking for such offers.
  2. Company also optimized their SEO and keyword to make their website reach easy, for viewers.
  3. They implemented a tool named ” buyer persona “, which allowed them to send target messages. It was used to increase better response rates.
  4. With the help of contacts tool, they got information about their contents. They found which content is more attractive and engaging viewers. Company also implemented this tool with their CRM, so sales representative can see full details of prospect customers.
  5. Their new tool of lead generation named ” lead management “, helped them to target their hot leads.

Results Achieved By Spinweb:

Company saw an opportunity to further grow their business through inbound marketing. After using these strategies Spinweb saw their results on numbers. They saw continued improvement and generated more web traffic, then ever before. Following are the results achieved by Spinweb:

  1. Inbound marketing helped company grow their database very quickly.
  2. Spinweb saw a 250% increase in their web traffic from organic search.
  3. After implementing inbound marketing strategy, in just 2 years their contacts database grown by 350%.
  4. With inbound marketing, company’s inbound leads increase over 400%.
  5. In just 2 years company average sales increased up to 9 times more.


Company saw an opportunity to further grow their business through inbound marketing. This new marketing strategy helped their marketing efforts more stream line and faster. It was inbound marketing which helped Spinweb to achieve their goals.

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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    Well done Rahul. As a reader of blogs, I’ve repeatedly raised one issue. Its about writing business objectives. Hope other readers will agree with me in this point that business objectives must be written in a very concrete language. The author must avoid writing problems of the company in that section. That can be included in the strategy section.


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