SportsSignup Used SEO Tricks To Gain 76% Increase In Monthly Web Traffic

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SportsSignup is an easy and affordable sports management company which endeavors to provide online solutions for registration of players, registration of tournaments, background checks for coaches/volunteers and organizing fund raising campaigns for sports clubs. Recently they have started offering communication tools like broadcast email and text messaging for team members. They also have fee and payment management software and a fully integrated online sports store. They aim to make all the administration related tasks easier for sports organizations. Their services are fully web based, customizable and automated. Their approach has helped many sports organizations to transform their business, improve interaction with members and focus on their main job of promoting sporting talent rather than on mundane administrative work.

SportsSignup’s Business Objectives

They wanted to increase their social media engagement and develop content for their blogs. Initially they were using the content and promotional material from their partner’s websites in their monthly e-Newsletter. They felt the need to formulate their own content marketing strategy, develop interesting content and thereby redirect their potential customers to their own website. Thus, they wanted to eventually decrease their dependency on their partner’s websites.

Strategy adopted by SportsSignup

SportsSignup adopted a comprehensive digital marketing strategy focused mainly on content marketing. Initially they started off with blogging and social media marketing for their services. After gaining momentum with these activities, they developed and implemented a 12 month White hat link building campaign for improving their Website’s SEO. SportsSignup ensured that atleast 2 high quality blog posts were posted each week and promoted them on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other bookmarking sites. They also began building valuable relationships with other Industry bloggers and built inbound links to their website and blog.

Their overall SEO strategy included –

  • Business to Business SEO – They focused on building the back link network, brand building and thought leadership content, connecting with Industry leaders and explaining the entire buying cycle to the prospective customers.
  • Content marketing – It included mainly blogging, videos, press releases and presentations.
  • Professional business blog – It mainly consisted of Content creation, business monetization, business research and developing credibility
  • Social media marketing management – Creation of social media content, promotion, profile management and social reporting.
  • PPC Management – They concentrated  on keyword research, PPC ad writing and account organization.
Results achieved by SportsSignup

After implementing their comprehensive SEO strategy they achieved phenomenal results for SEO. Organic visitors to the site increased by 20%+. Many of their important and long tail keywords have achieved highest rankings on Google and other search engines. Keywords have increased visitors by as much as 1000%. Further, their leads and conversions have increased in addition to subscribers for their e-Newsletters, guest bloggers, social media mentions, reviews etc. Their business blogs posts have gone viral and brought in 3000 visitors to the website. The improvement of the granular structure of the account has led to increase in efficiency, traffic and device targeting capacity. They also increased the quality score of the PPC account and decreased their non-branded CPC by 34% and increased the monthly traffic by 76%. The costs saved by efficient PPC management helped them to maximize their visibility across all the major search engines.


For specialized and niche businesses a business blog is beneficial for PR and link building activities. A comprehensive SEO management service targets all the segments of digital marketing for holistic growth in visitors and revenues. Creating a customized and relevant content for the website is essential to get the attention of potential customers. The best digital marketing strategies for a company involved in super specialized activities are content marketing and social media marketing. Both the strategies when used together create a high visibility in the search engines and increases organic traffic.

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