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Steps That Lead To Perfect Email Length

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The length and style of any written matter-be it an answer in the question paper or an article for a magazine or newspaper-depends on the person who it is written for. When there is fixed target that one has to reach in terms of the word count, the focus shifts on just filling the pages rather than the quality of the matter.

One of the most frequently asked questions by marketing companies is how long a piece of content should be- especially regarding the email. How long should my email be? What all do I need to include? Do I need to incorporate some pictures or not?

There no one right answer to this but keeping the following tips in mind can help clear up the doubts regarding the length of your email copy and other etiquettes associated with it.

Subject Line Etiquette

The subject line is just like the cover of a book. If it is interesting, catchy and meaningful to the receiver, there are more chances of higher open rate and prevents you email from being deleted even before it has been read. For best results, try keeping your subject lines less than 50 characters.

Body of the Email

Once the recipients have opened your email, it is the structure of the email that makes them read. Several factors play a role in finding out the adequate length of each email that will persuade them to read on and draw their attention to your call to action.


  • Your receiver

In determining the proper length of an email, the first question that you need to answer is- who are you sending it to? Whether it is a personal email or a professional one?


  • Content

What are you going to talk about in your email will also determine its length. Keeping the emails short and to the point and leaving spaces between paragraphs will make it easier for people to read and understand.

To make lengthy emails interesting, the best way is to use excerpts from original content and link it up with the remaining piece.


  • Type of email

If customers are bored of your usual emails and you observe a decline in open and click trough rates, try to innovate it by changing the length of the email, adding visuals to break up long pieces of texts and wowing your readers with interesting facts.

But avoid using fonts and colours that makes your text unreadable. Keep it simple.

But sometimes it’s not the word count that matters, instead how well you are able to bring forth your point. A concise, conversational and convincing email will any day have more impact on the readers than the size.


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