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Steps to Become an Awesome Social Media Manager – Try on Various Hats

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Social Media is a complicated world and usually becomes more so for a social media manager. It’s hard to explain the roles a social media manager plays. People consider a social media manager’s job to comment, share videos and stay online on Facebook, Twitter and the other plenty of social networks of the world, while they are far away their time and make money in the process.


It’s not true. Most social media managers are highly qualified individuals with degrees in content, marketing, journalism and sometimes-even psychology as it does involve understanding the human behavior.


Since, social media also require coordination between various teams and departments, a social media manager wears various hats throughout. Here are a few:


1.)    Content curator: Social media marketing has now essentially grown into a part of the content marketing and it becomes a huge task on the part of a social media manager to create content. It may require the approvals of copywriters, but since the SMM has more context of the business and has more interactions with the client, it makes all the more sense for the SMM to write content.


2.)    Blueprints: A good social media plan starts with a good plan. SMM interacts with the clients and understand their requirements. Beyond this they also need to understand the brand equity and sensitivity to correctly target the brand to the right audience.


3.)    Innovation: SMMs also wear the hats similar to that of art director.  They need to regularly innovate their social media strategy and bring out the best of the brand through the best of user experience. More interaction of users on social networks may not be the only parameter. More positive interaction with users is.


4.)    Analysis: With so many social media activities that are subjective in nature, it becomes the duty of the SMM to deliver the client the analysis of what has been done with the money that the client has invested. Since social media management is the science of conversation complete quantitative and qualitative analysis must be delivered to the client for measurement of results.


5.)    Support: While people interact with the brand pages online, it becomes the duty of the SMM to interact with the users online on behalf of the brand. This is a tricky part, since every word that is used on the internet on behalf of a huge brand should be used with utmost caution as multi-million dollars are attached to their goodwill.


The Social media manager is a master of all. He creates a story of happiness, engages users, and interacts with them while keeping in mind the science beneath. Being a social media manager is much beyond cat videos and commenting on posts. It’s delivering results.

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    • 5 years ago

      Smita Pawar   /   Reply

      Totally agree. Most of us think SMM is an easy job of being active on social networks. But one needs to have a thorough knowledge of the latest tools and techniques, and overall be updated with various digital platforms. It is a task to manage all the social networks and keep in touch with its audiences.

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