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Going Global? Key Steps to Expanding Your Business Globally: Webinar Recording

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The establishment of a business entity is done with a perspective of blooming it like a bud to a flower. The journey entails a lot of challenges, hardships, losses, profits, break-even points by the time it reaches a state of sustainability. Further, to expand business globally is another aim these days.

To enlighten the entrepreneurs, business entities and aspiring solopreneurs, Alexia Ohannessian, International Marketing Lead, Trello recently led a webinar for our community. The agenda of the discussion revolved around:

Key Takeaways from the webinar:

  • Born to be Global? – Know if your product/service was introduced to go globally hit?
  • Adapt your Product – Based on the dynamic environmental changes, rearrange the metrics/qualities/attributes of your product/service.
  • Go to Market & explore – A must do activity to be able to know what is trending in the contemporary stage?
  • Identify what Next – Now, match the current value of your product/service to what is the most feasible epitome for it to expand globally.. leverage crowdsourcing to expand into new markets.
  • 5 tips for success – Go through the video to explore these. 🙂

Found this webinar on how to make your business go globally, valuable? You can get to know about the upcoming and trending webinars along with gaining knowledge from the past webinar recordings.

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