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Strategy tips for LinkedIn Groups

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Like any other social networking channel, LinkedIn is another opportunity for businesses that allows to build credibility and make new connections which can further help to grow their business.

LinkedIn groups can be a helpful source in managing business relationships. Although, you can join upto 50 groups on LinkedIn, however gaining traction in all these 50 groups can be difficult and you might not even find time to participate in many of them.

Additionally, with over 1.5 million groups, it can be also difficult to find a relevant group and determine which ones can prove to be right for your business. There are various LinkedIn groups that not well managed and can make your experience less optimal. Therefore, today in this post, we will discuss strategies through which you can find quality groups.

Make use of LinkedIn Search

LinkedIn search has significantly enhanced as it now includes the ability to search for relevant groups and also discussion topics within open groups.

To start with, you can search for groups by using keywords that would fit according to your geographical location, alumni, prospects, hobbies and interest. For example, by typing the name of the college you attended, you can find the alumni group and participate in their activities.

For each of the LinkedIn group that is displayed in the search result, you get the option to view the members in your network and people that belong to similar group. In order to find more about a particular group, you can also take recommendations from your existing connections.

Evaluate the quality of groups

While joining a group, how do you know whether the particular group is a well-run, quality group? Many a times, you would have to join a group and monitor the activities for a few days. However, there are few methods through which you can easily evaluate the quality of a particular group.

In order to determine the same, you can find the following answers:

  • Manager of the group
  • Group rules
  • Kind of discussions being addressed
  • Whether there are promotional links or a scope of self-promotion available?
  • Whether the group manager is among the top influencers?

Before joining any group, be sure to evaluate the stats of the group. These can include the member demographics, activities and for how long the group has been around.

Consider joining corporate sponsored groups

If you make a search on LinkedIn, you find a number of corporate sponsored groups popping up on LinkedIn. These are groups in which LinkedIn has partnered with various brands and corporations to help them build robust groups. Examples of such groups are Citi, Intuit, Staples and Capital One.

The best part corporate sponsored groups is that they are well managed and the discussions in these groups tend to be in-depth with rich dialogues among the members. Moreover, these groups also work hard towards making their groups successful and for each of these groups, there are dedicated group managers that keeps the group spam-free.

If you are running your own group or planning to create one, you can join one of these groups to learn some terrific strategies as members of these corporate sponsored groups.

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