StudioPMG Leveraged Inbound Marketing To Increase ROI To 1,047%

by | Apr 29, 2014 | Case Studies, Inbound Marketing

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About StudioPMG

StudioPMG is an interactive mobile apps agency which helps large pharma, medical device and automotive companies’ clients and customers to connect with their audiences with the help of powerful brand experiences.

StudioPMG Business Objective

The main objective was to increase the overall marketing ROI to 1,047%. In order to have a growth in the business, it was important to provide a high level service to its existing clients.

Approach / Strategy Adopted By StudioPMG:

  • They partnered with SmartBug Media on a six-month retainer that combined HubSpot’s Marketing software platform that built an edge to bring their inbound marketing strategy which included content marketing, blog management, white paper marketing, brand monitoring, real- time marketing support, social media and link building.
  • The 360-degree approach is the most effectively used strategy that helped the company to leverage their strength and compliments their marketing plan.
  • As whitepapers help the reader to solve any problem, make decision so they created a white paper with the help of SmartBug Media for their inbound marketing strategy.
  • With the use of HubSpot marketing software they were able to track the real- time traffic and lead flow through landing site.
  • New leads were automatically made to the sales reps that were used for follow- up.
  • Lead nurturing campaign was used to educate new prospects, benefits the premium content and advanced technology used to increase ROI.
  • The use of social media platform to engage in educational discussions that could help to get the name recognized through educational content.

Results Achieved By StudioPMG

  • As they partnered with Smartbug Media they had an advantage to achieve their goals such as penetrating into new markets, increase organic research presence and convert leads into business.
  • They were able to build a good inbound marketing strategy as it helped them to build long- term relationships.
  • With the implementation of HubSpot marketing software they were able to track the real- time traffic, SEO improvements, lead flow on the landing page, advanced technology used to increase ROI.
  • Recognition of the name through social media by involving in educational discussions.
  • Achieved 1,047 % of overall marketing ROI in the first six months.
  • Successfully gained an increase of 3179 % monthly increase in website traffic, 1775 %  monthly increase in organic search traffic, and 2486 % monthly increase in social media traffic.
  • 200 – 300 % ratio of above industry average of landing page conversion.
  • Enhanced brand awareness and authority among the key markets.


  • It is important to search the perfect business partner so that they can help you for the further growth in the business.
  • Choosing the right partner will help you reach your goals in the quickest way.
  • It is very must essential to bring in new software’s i.e. in the case Hubspot marketing software was used to generate leads, bring in advanced technology. So hence, it is important to make some necessary developments in the business.
  • To build a brand image it is very important to engage with customers, drive traffic, build a long- term relationship etc.
  • Proper implementation of inbound marketing strategy is being done right from content marketing till link building.
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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    Good writeup Kiran. Can you please expand little more about the company? What do you mean by connecting ‘clients and customers with their audiences’?

  2. Nikhita Reddy

    Good presentation.I liked the way the approach strategy of the StudioPMG had been described.The learning’s are too good and it clearly draws the importance of inbound marketing.


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