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Interesting webinar session by Advit Sehdev to discuss the mindset of marketers and what special skills they possess that makes them successful.

Some questions covered during the session were-

Q. What kind of business model works best to create a kind of partnership model with the digital marketing agency where there is a good review process as well as freedom available to third party vendor?

A. To this Advit replied that one thing that works very well is a brainstorming sessions. Whenever we take on a new client, we make sure that our team and that client spends one or two days together to understand their brand philosophy and objectives. When people on both sides start interacting face to face or over the phone or Skype or webinars, then they get comfortable with each other. Ideas start flowing in once the ice gets broken. Everyone knows that they are working for a common cause and that is what facilitates innovation. The biggest hurdle to innovation is fear of rejection. Once people get comfortable with each other, this fear also goes away.

Q. Are social media platforms good for selling products and services or just good for engaging customers for brand building?

A. Yes, social media platforms are good for selling your products and services. There are several examples of anything and everything happening on social media. But the point is can we fully depend on social media for sales? In most cases, the answer to this is no. you need to have other supplements available. You have to do other activities as well that are right for selling your product. Social media just acts as a supplement.

Q. How to segregate budgets for online and offline marketing?

A. The first thing that you should do is to not have such a kind of segregation. You must start looking at each and every platform as a marketing platform and then see what the importance of each is. TV, radio, print, social media, websites, and blogs are the various platforms available for marketing. First you need to list down your goals. For example- I want to acquire X number of customers, and to do so I need certain amount of reach in the market in a particular amount of time with a predetermined budget. This is how you need to define your goals. In the next step you choose the platform-whether online or offline in terms of what it can deliver for you. Take each marketing channel, list down its pros and cons, compare them against your objectives and then decide the right platform. The most important aspect is the platform that you’re choosing and which goal is being fulfilled. In the goal itself you will be able to define the budget.

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