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Tips Industries (BSE: 532375|NSE: TIPSINDLTD) is one of the largest corporate houses in the field of music and films. Its main area of interest is music production, promotion and distribution, now also in films. It has the highest number of gold and platinum discs to their credit in comparison with any other record label in India. Its team of distributors serve more than 1000 wholesalers across the length and breadth of the country who, in turn, serve more than 400,000 retailers.

It was started by two brothers Mr. Kumar S. Taurani& Mr. Ramesh S. Taurani in a small shop situated in the crowded wholesale market of Lamington Road. In 1975, the Taurani brothers used to trade in LP’s (Long Playing Phonograph Records) for three of the biggest companies in India – HMV, Music India & CBS. By 1977, they had become the biggest dealers for these companies in Western India. Driven by ambition, they put forth several ideas which went into creating their own record label. In 1990, Tips Industries set up its first manufacturing facility at Palghar, Thane.


Enhancing the reach and awareness of Tips catalogue among users through digital marketing.

Approach / Strategy adopted

Tips used to be the market leader in the late 80s and 90s but it has hardly come out with any new content, of late. The new generation of online users are the ones who have not grown with their music. In a market flooded with pirated content and reduced CD sales, the business team decided to use digital marketing as an innovative and less expensive medium. The team identified various avenues and then finalised a plan to aggressively market their Facebook page and YouTube videos through smart media buying. The idea was to reach out through a Facebook Page and YouTube channel.

Instead of carpet bombing across sites with their ads, they decided to work through targeted advertising.  The team identified relevant sites through mapping of TG using age range and gender. This helped them in ensuring that their focused communication reached the right set of customers.  They used geo-targeting for planning their campaigns which allowed them to communicate with Indian Music/ Bollywood Music lovers across the globe , especially where the volume lay such as in UK and US. It also helped them in excluding countries of South Asia which don’t have takers for their kind of content. Using consumer behaviour insights and direct feedback through conversions, they tweaked their messaging as well. Use of pictorial imagery was brought in as it was found to be bringing in higher conversions as compared to plain text. They started putting up curated content to encourage viral spread of videos and songs.

Their Facebook Page and YouTube gets regularly updated with relevant content and careful consideration is given to appearance/ packaging of content on both these media. Their Jukeboxes compare very well with their competition in terms of content mix and presentation. Besides this, they have put up links to their online presence across various other media such as Twitter, Instagram, Dailymotions, iTunesapp, Free streaming site, Events and more on their Facebook page thereby increasing avenues of engagement. This has helped in making their Facebook Page as a one-stop shop for all the content from their stable and therefore makes the page the first destination for Bollywood music content online. TheirYoutube channel also has highly customised content which vibes well even with the users who haven’t grown up listening to such content and as such don’t have any direct association with the same

Results Achieved

As of now, Tips MusicFacebook Page has garnered 5,813,170 Likes. Their YouTube channel has 1,350,534 subscribers with 930,588,296 views and the count is set to grow with each passing day despite there being hardly any new release from Tips Music in almost a whole year.


The above case study prepared with inputs from a brief chat with few members of Tips Music team is actually a testimony to the power of digital marketing. Tips has hardly added any new release to its fold in almost a year whereas their competition (such as Hungama) keeps adding new releases almost every month not only in Hindi but also in regional languages. Despite this, they seem to have been unable to leverage on the strength of their increasing catalog and come nowhere near Tips in terms of reach through these two platforms of Facebook and Youtube. Hungama Facebook Page has only 1578486 likes and its YouTube channel has just 137,496 subscribers with 130,710,325 views.

Intelligent buying and even more careful and smart packaging and innovation in content has put this company (TIPs) with just a repertoire of 90’s romantic tracks in a solid position online.

  • Primary Research Spoke to the members of TIPs Music business team for inputs
  • Online Wikipedia, Corporate website of TIPs India,Tips Music and YouTube channel of Tips Music
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