Successful Launch of Make in India Campaign on Social Media

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About Make in India Campaign

The Make in India programme was the brainchild of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and was lanched on September 25th, 2014 as part of a government initiative to make India the powerhouse for manufacturing, create opportunities and promote India in the international markets. The idea was powerful and compelling with a call to action to India’s citizens, business leaders and partners around the world.

The logo for the campaign is an elegant lion, inspired by the Ashoka Chakra and designed to represent India’s success in all spheres. The campaign was dedicated by the Prime Minister to the eminent political personality, Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya, born on the same date in 1916.

Objective of Make in India Campaign:

  1. Attract FDI by inspiring confidence in India’s capabilities amongst prospective partners abroad.
  2. Increase in manufacturing & Export.
  3. Generation of more jobs.
  4. Reach out to a vast audience locally and globally via social media and keep them updated about opportunities, reforms, etc.

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Approach Adopted for Make in India Campaign:

  • Before the campaign was set up, foreign equity caps had been relaxed in various sectors. In August 2014, 49% foreign direct investment (FDI) was permitted in the defense sector and 100% in railways with respect to 26% in defense and none in railways previously.
  • High profile day long workshops organized with ministers including the Prime Minister.
  • Extensive discussions and action plan were taken regarding challenges faced by these 25 sectors.
  • Validity of licences was increased to three years.
  • It was decided that Intellectual property rights of innovators have to be protected by giving better infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology.

Digital Marketing Strategies Adopted for Make in India Campaign:

  • Official Make in India website was launched with the URL – covers topics like reason to invest, summary, statistics, growth drivers, FDI policies etc.
  • Physical files and documents were replaced to online.
  • Under the initiative, brochures on the 25 sectors and a web portal were released. MakeInIndia
  • The application for licenses was made available online.
  • Global Mobile app – The ‘Make in India’ app can be downloaded from Play Store in all android phones. App is having the following features:
  1. Live Projects: Current projects in India with summary.
  2. Sectors: Information on each sector is available in the app like Space, Railways, Automobile, and Electronics etc.
  3. Policies: Investor can learn about Indian policies and download related document.
  4. Contact Us: Contact with related field or sector for more information.
  5. Query/FAQ: You can use the search query for any doubt or send query.
  6. Search: You can search keywords in entire application.
  • Facebook – Through Facebook, Make in India actively updates the current and upcoming events related to the campaign; the latest being the “Make in India Week” event held in Mumbai from 13th February, 2016.

Make in India_Facebook

  • YouTube – 

Make in India_YouTube

  • Twitter- Follow @makeinindia

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  • Instagram

Make in India_Instagram

Success of ‘Make in India Campaign’ on Social Media

According to the latest statistics from the ministry, Make in India’s Official FB page is adding a fan in every 2-3 seconds. It is for the first time that an interactive ‘Q&A’ session on Twitter has been introduced for any government initiative  on the issue of ease of doing business in India.

As of January 5, 2015, the campaign has become a huge, fast-growing digital initiative, with over 2 billion impressions on social media, a fan base of a total of 3 million on Facebook (FB), and as many as 929,000 followers on Twitter as on Feb 2016.

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  • In 2015 India was the sought out destination for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) surpassing China and the US.
  • “MAKE IN INDIA” programme received huge response from all parts of the world. Indian brand value increased to 32% in year 2015 as compared to year 2014.
  • India becomes the 7th most valuable nation brand according to the Nation Brands 2015.
  • In the last one year, Modi Government announced several steps to attract manufacturing in India and increase environment for business in India. As a result, most of the sectors like Electronics, Automobile, Defense, Railways, Aviation have announced plans to partner in India for manufacturing of their various products.


  1. Apple’s iphone manufacturer will have 10-12 facilities in India, which will include factories and data centers. (Electronics)
  2. Mercedes Benz will manufacture its luxury cars as well as its luxury cars in India to be exported to African and South East Asian markets. (Manufacturing)
  3. Hyundai Heavy Industries will build warship in Vizag and another South Korean major announced to build LNG tankers in Kochi shipyard. (Defense)
  4. Railways decided to import only 40 coaches, rest 275 coaches will be manufactured in India.
  5. Aviation industry also has put its best foot forward and announced its entry into the “Make in India” programme.
  6. Under this scheme, government has announced the setting up of 42 mega food parks in 4 years. The prime objective is to increase the quantum of food-processing from 10% to 25%.
  7. Government has sanctioned 18 new FM network channels for north-east states and 15 new FM network channels for Jammu and Kashmir.

A “MII Week” event was held in Mumbai from 13 February 2016. The week-long event was attended by over 10000 national and international partners, foreign government delegations from 68 countries and business organizations from 72 countries. Expos were held by 17 states.

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