Successful Use of Digital Media by Truly Madly To Drive More Sign Ups

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Truly Madly’s Business Objectives

Truly Madly is an online dating mobile app which was launched in the year 2014. It was founded by Sachin Bhatia, Hitesh Dhingra and Rahul Kumar. Truly Madly is an online dating platform which helps the people to find compatible partners through matching of their interest levels and personality profiles. As of now the app has more than 2 lacs of installs. The app works around a strong USP which is verified profiles which eliminates the risk of fake profiles; this is one of the major reasons why Truly Madly is acceptable in the Indian context.


Approach/ Strategy Adopted by Truly Madly

Truly Madly very well understood from the beginning the importance of having social presence where the target audience lies for this dating app. It wanted to understand the social behavior of the people and it took almost 1 year for the company to run the campaigns on the social media in order to reach more and more people who could be the potential customers.

Social media is one of the most important marketing channels for Truly Madly and it is still learning to use different social networks optimally and still working on making the original content and be creative to attract more audience. The idea of establishing the brand communication through social media came up because of the fact that the majority targeted audience for the company falls in the age group of 18 to 34 and are active users of internet and have a space on the social websites. This triggered the creative team to work on the original content and play around the controversies and stereotyping that exist in the Indian culture regarding dating.

The digital marketing campaigns initiated were generally women targeted as they consider them as primary audience for Truly Madly. Accordingly to the team, if they will have female members on the app, the male members will follow. The other rationale behind these campaigns was to understand and remove the taboos around the dating in India. The promotional strategy adopted by Truly Madly worked well in their favor.

The company says its USP is the ‘verified profiles’ which they identified by talking to females and understood the reasons what things were keeping them away from the dating websites. It has a unique way of authenticating the profiles before the members start to interact with someone on the app. The members who get 30% or higher on ‘Trust Score’ are allowed to initiate activities on the app. In order to verify the profiles, the team of Truly Madly uses ID proofs, social media profiles and the employment records. To boast this USP the company came up with a very creative and fun digital marketing campaign ‘ Creepy Qawwali’ where they tried to portray that they have taken proper care to keep the fake profiles away which makes it safe for the women customers. No wonder, the video went viral and gained the right attention, it got more than 1.4 million likes alone on YouTube channel.

Apart from this Truly Madly also ran other successful campaigns like Boy Browsing, Frankly Her, Man Parade, Of Bras & Boyfriends, Breaking Stereotypes which reached the targeted audiences in an effective manner and helped creating a brand image on the digital platform.


It was successful in creating the buzz on the social websites. It tried to lighten the air around the dating in India. People became curious to sign up and see the functionality of the app.

Results achieved by Truly Madly

Since there was hardly any such platform for dating before Truly Madly was launched. So it became of the uttermost importance for the brand to start communicating with the target audience and develop a relationship. Choosing social websites was the right medium for them as the kind of audience they were targeting at spends reasonable time on the online social media. 

These fun digital campaigns were huge hits and were successful in establishing the brand. The downloads of the app also increased by 2.5x times after the Boy Browsing campaign. It was also able to convince people and established dating as a clean and cool way of meeting new people.  The campaigns proved to be successfully leveraging digital media to make the brand stand out in the minds of its audience and lead to positive brand recall.


Truly Madly is a perfect example of the startup companies which successfully understood the need of the brand establishment and communication before the actual launch of the app. It was able to connect well with the audience by targeting their campaigns to the issues that are being faced by the people especially women for being active on such dating platforms. The medium chose by the company, digital media was the right move for them and it helped them to drive more sign ups.

Image Credits: Truly Madly

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  1. Lennon john

    Hello, Priyata!
    Digital media plays an important role in improving sign-ups that ultimately leads to generate the number of leads. More leads mean more sale and profit. Liked the article. It is very interesting to read. You can also add the social login tool to boost up your sign-up rate. It simplifies the whole process of registration by allowing users to login using their existing social media account.

  2. Priyata

    Thank you Lennon! I completely agree with you. Login through social sites accounts is convenient for the users to enter the site and helpful for the website (owner/company) to verify the details at the same time.


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