Superdry Used Social Media Marketing To Reach More Than 1.5 Million People On Twitter

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Superdry is a UK company focussing on apparels for youth. It is a part of SuperGroup plc. It was founded by Julian Dunkerton and Ian Hibbs in the year 1985. SuperDry combines Japanese inspired graphics with vintage American styling in its products. This case study focuses on the India launch of the brand. How the brand leveraged the power of social media to get optimum results.

Business Objective Of Superdry

Superdry a UK based youth clothing company wanted to enter India. For this they launched a group of street drive events. The main objective of Superdry were:

  • Online extension of this idea i.e. street drive events.
  • Connecting with the younger audience on Twitter.

superdry india launchStrategy/Approach Adopted By Superdry

  • To get a good traction online the company conceptualize a unique online campaign on Twitter called ‘Superdry Tweet Fuel’. The idea behind launching this campaign was to virtually simulate the company’s entry into India with the help of a microsite where the car’s drive is fuelled by audience’s tweets.
  • This ‘Superdry Tweet Fuel’ campaign on Twitter provided a unique chance for the superdrymorgonviewers to express themselves by tweeting, where their tweets will be converted as fuel for the car and help bring the iconic and famous Superdry Morgan 3 Wheeler roadster car to India
  • This campaign was hosted on a company’s microsite which showcased the historic journey of the Superdry Morgan 3 Wheeler Roadster right from London to Bombay. The social media marketing campaign was simple, a contest was initiated on twitter where the viewers had to first, follow the Superdry India Twitter profile and second, tweet as where they would like to go for a superdrive if they get the chance to drive a Morgan 3 Wheeler. These tweets of the users will get converted into fuel for the car.
  • Hashcontributors superdrytags like #SuperDrive, #SuperDriveMorgan, #10songs4SuperDrive were used to good effect.
  • Powered by the user’s tweets, the car started off from London Superdry stores travelling all the way to Dover, crossing the English Channel to Germany, France, Dubai, Belgium and finally India. This contest also provided oppurtunity for people to win many exciting prizes like Superdry branded clothing and a chance to drive the exclusive Morgan 3 Wheeler.
  • The brand introduced different prizes which got unlocked at separate levels of tweets at the brand’s microsite. The microsite featured the best tweets for each level under the contribution section and also showcased the tweets that qualified to win prizes.

Key Results

  • The Tweeter campaign generated over 2600 tweets and more than 5.4 million impressions with a total reach of 1.5 million plus people in 5 days.
  • The day Superdry stores were launch in India (on the very day of qualifying round for the very first Formula 1-Indian Grand Prix Buddh Circuit) the campaign trended in major cities across India like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Lucknow , Chennai as well as Brazil & UK.
  • TweetFuelstatisticsOn the day of the launch, the campaign generated over 1300 tweets with more than 4.5 million impressions and reaching a total audience of 1 million plus.
  • On the launch day the Superdry Tweet Fuel’ campaign hashtag ranked 393 on global level and reached a peak of 35.
  • Average time spend by the visitors on the microsite was more 3 minute.
  • The most interesting fact of this campaign was that this one featured a car that moved ahead only when it is fuelled by tweets. With the ever increasing number of young users on Twitter, such type of focussed campaign made good business sense as compared to promotion via a simple hashtag.Another thing that was important in this campaign was the gratification and indulgence provided to the audience – apart from having a once in the lifetime opportunity of driving the iconic Superdry Morgan 3, there was the great chance to be a part of an amazing digital movement.

Key Findings

  • This case again highlights the power of social media marketing in engaging your target market and encouraging them to further share the content.
  • If you are combining your social media campaign with a live event it enhances your chance of reaching more audience by waySuperdry prizes of enhanced sharing, liking and commenting by your current users. This was evident when the brand’s first store was launched the same very day when the qualifying race of very first Indian grand prix was happening.
  • Gratifying your audience by indulging them to be part of your campaign builds a link between you and your users which not only strengthen your relationship but also encourages the audience to be your brand ambassadors which enhances your chance of getting more promotion via enhanced shares.
  • Using of relevant hashtags helps you to increase your reach.
  • Running off contests on social media and subsequently rewarding your audience again helps you to get good word of mouth and positive image in the minds of prospective customers.

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