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Surf7 Email Extractor: Harvest Email Ids With The Best Email Spider Software

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It is common knowledge that creating a specific segmented list, narrowed down to a specific set of audience can help in making an email campaign effective. But, the dilemma for typical marketers still exist that whether they will have to purchase bulk lists of email IDs from an unknown vendor (for sending out their email campaigns) or whether they will need to create survey forms in order to collect mail IDs of their potential customers. A bigger dilemma for marketers like you would lie in extracting mail IDs and collecting them, if you already have the IDs stored in a typical document like a PDF/Word  file, for example.


Surf7, a free online tool can serve to be of great help in this regard. Surf7 is targeted to marketers who look to automatically extract email IDs from content instead of doing it manually by checking their data which is a tiresome process which can take hours, even days. Surf7 can also help you save time and energy and ultimately make your work much faster and easier. The amazing features of Surf7 are detailed below:

  • Surf7’s wide exporting capabilities allow you to extract emails without repeating the same email, even when large bits of content is inputted.
  • Surf7 can display total extracted emails (the email count with the number of addresses detected). This is displayed below the Output Window.
  • You can select different separator for each email (or enter your own).
  • You can group emails by numbers specified by you (Groups will be separated by new paragraph).
  • There is also an option to extract or exclude email that contains only certain strings and this can be defined.
  • Additional and advanced options of Surf7 include sorting emails alphabetically, automatic lowercase correction of letters and extracting web addresses from provided content.

How to use Surf7?

You can copy any text from anywhere and paste it into the “Input Window”.


Surf7 input window

Click the “Extract” button. If the text contains any email addresses, they will appear in the “Output Window”.

Next step, you can include any separator you want, (the default separator is a comma) and click extract. Surf7 will analyse the content, crawl, rip and automatically extract the email IDs. Below is a screenshot of how the extracted email IDs will look as, in the output window. The same can be repeated to get URLs and it works flawlessly.


Surf7 Output Window


Surf7 has limitations that are highlighted below:

  • Surf7 cannot extract phone and fax numbers, which is a big minus point because this feature could have come in handy sometime whenever you want to make calls to your potential customers.
  • Surf7 cannot automatically scan email accounts, if provided for searching their contact information.
  • Surf7 cannot scan webpages, if a URL is inputted to find specific email addresses.
  • Surf7 cannot extract emails from search engines, if keywords are inputted.
  • Surf7 cannot extract emails from social networking sites like Facebook/Twitter.
  • Surf7 cannot identify the country of an email address owner.
  • Surf7 cannot remember email addresses extracted in a session.
  • Surf7 lacks a critical feature i.e. exporting email IDs that are generated by the tool to a specific file format like .xls or .doc. For this reason, you will have to manually copy the entire exported list to a document and save it.


There are other similar paid softwares in the market that can do much better than Surf7, with a combination of features like permutating, crawling, checking websites and extracting. Inspite of these limitations, Surf7 can be still regarded as a free, useful and powerful tool to get email IDs and can be of valuable use during segmenting, verifying and categorising with any email solution providers like MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact and Benchmark. To conclude with, if properly utilised, Surf7 can be deemed as an important asset to grow and broaden your business, providing you with a path to gain thousands of quality leads in a matter of minutes to which you can utmost finally reach out to.

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      Clyde Romeo   /   Reply

      I can not extract email, when i go to extract from pc specially but i can do from other pc….any suggestions ?

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